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Viza - CarnivaliaViza – Carnivalia

This American rock act owe a damn lot to System of a Down vocalist Serj Tankian; signing them to his label, taking them on tour, helping them with this debut and probably countless other thinks he’s done for them. The members may all be born and bred in Los Angeles but they have other nationality traits with some members being Armenian, Greek and Arabic, all of this comes off in their distinctive sound. The main body having the Latino metal feel but blending in some alternative bits and bobs like reggae drum beats, vocals reminiscent of the Middle Eastern style Serj Tankian is famous for and many more little diamond inclusion .

There’s some folk influence in the mix 2 which is harder to incorporate with the other elements but not only do this band manage to mix them effectively they even include some harmonica sections which is such an underrated instrument for the effect that it gives. Try “Poor Pete” for effective use of this, the band uses their imagination to produce some innovative sounds and at times some really fun tracks full of character like “Things are Awkward” and “Tricky Tricky”, you’ll struggle to get those melodies out of your head. Their ability to switch between an assault of aggression to soft melodies and then perhaps a bit of bounce with some epic dance potential is astounding to say the least.

One thing I can say for definite, if you’re a fan of System of a Down, Ill Nino and all of those types of foreign scene influenced sounds then you will definitely find Viza right up your ally. In all fairness I have as of late been getting into more country rock styled stuff so this slotted right into my current listening obsession, if you take my advice it could be your next addiction too.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Orbel Babayan
Shant Bismejian
Andrew Kzirian
Alex Khatcherian
Chris Daniel
Hiram Rosario
 Track Listing
1. Carnivalia
2. A Magic Ladder
3. Viktor’s Sister
4. Hourglass
5. Illumination
6. Shall We Reign Dance?
7. Everybody Wants Money
8. Sparring
9. Things are Awkward
10. Tricky Tricky
11. Poor Pete
12. Meet Me At The Troubadour
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