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Pure Love - AnthemsPure Love – Anthems

A good 18 months ago Frank Carter announced his departure from the Gallows to focus on his new band Pure Love which he formed with ex Hope Conspiracy guitarist Jim Carroll, Frank went on to play a final tour with the Gallows which included an appearance at Sonisphere festival and also a couple of low key shows at the toilet sized venues around the country and at each and every one of these shows he wore a Pure Love t-shirt to help promote his new project and also prove to the world that his focus and love is now on Pure Love.

Pure Love played their first ever live show on Valentine’s Day back in 2012 and ever since then they have been steadily touring across the UK on their own headline tour, supporting high profile bands like the Lostprophets and along the way they have also managed to release four outstanding singles with many people comparing them to the Darkness with the release of their debut single ‘Bury My Bones’ but as soon as single number two ‘Handsome Devils Club’ was unleashed those comparisons were instantly dropped.

The wait for debut Pure Love album ‘Anthems’ feels like forever as the album has been met with many delays, it was originally down to be released back in October but was soon pushed back to early 2013 and now February has hit us Pure Love are ready to unleash the album and the timing makes sense in a way as it is pretty much a year on since their first ever live show at Bush Hall in London.

‘Anthems’ is exactly what the name suggests an album crammed with 11 solid sounding rock anthems, it is the kind of album that you could put on repeat and listen to time and time again without getting bored , there are no screamo moments in sight and instead Frank finally gets to proves to the world that he can really sing.

The album opens with ‘She (Makes The Devil Run Through Me)’ which is a big sounding guitar driven song where Frank sings his little heart out in such a passionate way, lead single ‘Bury My Bones’ follows up the opening song and opens with the lyrics of “I’m so sick of singing about hate, It’s never going to make a change, it breaks me down bit by bit”, which is Frank clearly voicing his opinion on his past with the Gallows and how he never wants to go back to being negative and in such an angry band, musically the song is massive huge riffs running throughout.

Listening to ‘The Hits’ you would be forgiven for thinking that Frank Carter was not on vocals as it is so hard to believe that he has gone from screaming his bollocks off in the Gallows to singing in such a melodic way. The album title track ‘Anthem’ see’s Pure Love take a dark and twisted turn with a really thought out soulful number that has a various different twists and turns to keep you wondering what is going to happen next.

The later part of the album features the hit singles ‘Beach Of Diamonds’, ‘Handsome Devils Club’ and ‘Riot Song’ and each and every single one of these songs are different each other yet they all ooze in greatness in their own little way, take ‘Beach Of Diamonds’ for example the song is very stripped back yet Frank Carter proper nails it during the chorus, ‘Handsome Devils Club’ is a pure sing-a-long rock n roll song which easily let’s off the most energy throughout the album and ‘Riot Song’ is so far from being a riot yet features one of the best choruses the album has to offer.

Each and every song on the album has something different to offer the album really is that diverse sounding and that is what makes Pure Love the kind of band that appeals to a wide range of people, it is safe to say that Pure Love are destined for big things, ‘Anthems’ has been a long time coming and it has easily been worth the wait, when the 2013 comes to an end you can expect to see ‘Anthems’ in many people’s top albums of the year list.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Frank Carter
Jim Carroll
 Track Listing
1. She (Makes the Devil Run Through Me)
2. Bury My Bones
3. The Hits
4. Anthem
5. Beach of Diamonds
6. Handsome Devil's Club
7. Heavy Kind of Chain
8. Burning Love
9. Scared to Death
10. Riot Song
11. March of the Pilgrims
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