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We Were Beautiful - This Town EPWe Were Beautiful – This Town EP

Merseyside rock quartet We Were Beautiful are kicking off 2013 with the release of their new 4 track EP ‘This Town’ and after listening to the EP and hearing the energy that comes out of the speakers it is safe to say that We Were Beautiful are starting the year off in a positive way.

The EP opens with the title track ‘This Town’ and from the minute you press play and hear Paul Easton’s unique sounding vocals coming at you along with the solid guitar riffs and constant drum beats coming in moments later you just know that We Were Beautiful have spent a lot of time gathering a solid sound, as the song progresses the energy that these guys have just oozes out of the speakers as the song rolls in a big fast bundle of fun.

‘The Wolves’ opens with a bit of distortion and solid drum beats, moments later the guitars and bass come in as the band go on a big jamming sessions with Paul Easton laying down his vocals from the 50second mark, vocally Easton has gone for a more solid edgy style as he lays down each note with pure confidence with the rest of the band equally thriving in confidence as the song flows for a mammoth 5minutes without a boring moment in sight.

‘Death Do Us Part’ opens with some basic drum beats with Easton coming in moments later with his melodic vocals and as the song progresses it gets better and better as it builds up into a massive hooky sounding sing-a-long masterpiece.

The EP closes with ‘Jealously’ which is easily the heaviest sounding track on the album, as soon as the song starts the riffs and drum beats are right in your face as the band give it their all and that is pretty much how the song rolls for the next 3minutes minus a few build ups and break downs.

‘This Town’ is such a strong sounding EP that I can only see good things happening for these guys throughout 2013, seriously keep your eyes on We Were Beautiful as they really have what it takes to break out of the underground scene.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Paul Easton
Chris Skeggs
Joey Morton
 Track Listing
1. This Town
2. The Wolves
3. Death Do Us Part
4. Jealously
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