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Your Demise - Cold ChillinYour Demise – Cold Chillin

It may well only be 11 months since Your Demise released their last full length studio album ‘The golden Age’ the album was met with mixed reactions from the press and the bands fans alike, which brings us to now the release of as brand new 4 track EP called ‘Cold Chillin’ which’s see’s Your Demise move away from Visible Noise Records and put the EP out on Pinky Swear Records which is a branch off from the Impericon brand.

‘Cold Chillin’ is a short but sweet EP clocking in at just over 11minutes and features more than enough to restore faith in the people who were not happy with their last full length release, The EP opens with ‘Karma’ which starts off with drum beats before the guitars come in seconds later with vocalist Ed McRae coming laying down his ferocious vocals at the 27second mark as the band come together to knock out a big chunky song full of kick arse riffs and big shouts.

‘A song To No-One’ comes at you from the off heavy yet catchy with some fantastic instrumental work on offer as James Tailby and Stuart Paice seem to challenge each other to make the most noise with their drum beats and guitar riffs respectfully , vocally McRae is on fire giving his gruff vocals a more melodic polished edge to help the song stand out more.

‘Nearly Home’ see’s McRae go all out on his vocals as he lets rip at such a pace whilst the rest of the band work equally as hard with their impressive instrumental work. ‘Just Like The End’ closes the EP and what a way to close it as the song comes in fast and furious with some intense riffs and drum beats and it keeps up this pace throughout, yet what makes the song even more interesting is the gang vocals which come and go dominating the song.

Overall ‘Cold Chillin’ is a great release from Your Demise it features 4 tracks which are so different from each other yet they all have and maintain lastability as this collection of songs is not something that you are going to get bored with too easily as there is such a big variety on offer, where Your Demise go from here is down to them but it is safe to say that they are currently back on track and taking no messing around.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Ed McRae
Stu Paice
Ozzy 'Danny Panic Lips' Porkchop
Jimmy Sampson
James Tailby
 Track Listing
1. Karma
2. A Sont To No-One
3. Nearly Home
4. Just Like The End
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