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There has been a lot of hype and a lengthy wait for new Paramore material but just last week they revealed that their brand new album is going to simply be called ‘Paramore’ they also revealed that the album will feature 17 track, 3 which are interludes and now Paramore have announced that their brand new single is called ‘Now’ and is due for release on the 24th February.

On first listen of ‘Now’ I was left a bit disappointed and confused on the direction that Paramore are heading in, but after listening to the song a few times over I can confirm that the song is defiantly a grower and has well been the worth the long wait, the song is rawer sounding than previous Paramore material and it sees them go down a more indie meets rock route, yet when the chorus kicks in and Williams sing’s “If there’s a future we want in” over and over you realise that despite upping their sound Paramore are still being true to themselves and their fans with that pop-tastic dance-a-long chorus which everyone has come to expect from Paramore songs now.

Over the past couple of years Paramore have gone through tough times with the farro brothers leaving the band and releasing a number of damaging statements about Paramore and their relationship with the major labels, yet ‘Now’ seems to be like a big middle finger salute to anyone who claims that Paramore are puppets on a piece of string of the major labels as ‘Now’ is easily their most important and most daring release to date, the release of album number 4 is not until April but I am sure ‘Now’ will please the fans until April comes around.


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Jeremy Davis
Taylor York
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1. Now
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