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Wounds - Die YoungWounds – Die Young

Since wounds formed back in 2010 they have been on one major rollercoaster ride, they started off with rave reviews of their debut EP ‘Dead, Dead, Fucking dead’ and went on to support the likes of Gallows, Cancer Bats, Crime In Stereo, Sharks and various other bands in the hardcore scene, then they settled down to write their debut album when disaster struck with guitarist James Coogan falling from a fourth floor balcony and nearly died, luckily for James, the band, his friends and family he survived the freak accident and has since gone on to recover so much that he proved the doctors wrong so said he would never pick up a guitar again, when the band finally got to the studio to record their album they were hit with further bad news as Aidan Coogan and James Coogan lost their father to terminal illness which delayed the album for months as they took time to understand the news and write album closing track ‘Dead Road’.

Finally Wounds are weeks away from releasing their debut album ‘Die Young’ which has taken its name from James Coogan’s near death experience, the album even features a picture of James’s torso on the front with the massive wound he has been left with from his freak accident, as soon as you press the play button on this album you will get a huge rush of adrenaline through your body as the hectic sounds leave you bouncing off your walls starting a one person mosh pit in the comfort of your own home.

The album opens with ‘Killing Spree’ a song which is turbo charged with mayhem, it is fast and furious with some tasty riffs and generally heavy as fuck with big loud screams as Aidan Coogan pretty much screams his lungs out as himself and the rest of the band put their all into creating such a huge sounding honest hardcore opening.

Songs like ‘Trouble For The Sake Of It’ and ‘Desperate times’ really do show of the bands instrumental skills as the songs are full of big beefy riffs, constant banging drum beats as the band mix up their punk rock roots with big rock n’ roll sounds. However the best moments on the album happen to be ‘Dead, Dead Fucking Dead’, ‘Choke’ and ‘No Future’ as Wounds come at you with such force that you can’t help but sit down and take the battering on your ears that is coming your way as it is so loud and heavy sounding yet so damn pleasing on the ears that after a few listens of the likes of ‘Dead, Dead Fucking Dead’ you will be chanting in time with Aidan Coogan as he lets rip with the huge chorus of “All my friends dead, dead fucking dead”.

As mentioned above the album closes with ‘Dead Road’, the song is the longest track on the album clocking in at just over 6minutes, it is all the most stripped down and creepy sounding track on the album as Wounds take you down a haunting journey of death, it shows a totally different side to the band from what we have all been used to throughout the years and it is quite amazing especially as Aidan Coogan sings “I still talk to you sometimes, but I am still so lost” before letting rip for the shout-a-long chorus.

Wounds have dealt with more shit in their three year musical career than what some bands have dealt with in a twenty year career and they have clearly put everything into making their debut album ‘Die Young’, if you liked their debut EP then you are going to love the album as it is pretty much a full length version of the EP with more tracks and I would imagine that is sounds even better on the live circuit as Wounds have more control on unleashing their raw hardcore ways.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Aiden Coogan
James Coogan
Aaron Mcgrath
Craig Mccann
 Track Listing
1. Killing Spree
2. Trouble For The Sake Of It
3. Dead, Dead Fucking Dead
4. No Future
5. Choke
6. Bombs
7. Desperate Times
8. The Pile
9. Binge
10. Dead Road
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