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Mallory Knox - SignalsMallory Knox – Signals

Mallory Knox are a band name that I have come across many times over the past couple of years due to the fact that they are forever on the road touring but despite hearing the band name so often I have only just recently heard their music for the first time when their video for ‘Death Rattle’ came on Kerrang TV a couple of weeks ago and my god was I blown away by the explosive energy and general passion that these guys put into their music that I just had to check out their debut album ‘Signals’.

‘Signals’ blasts open with ‘Beggars’ a song which is the perfect opening to the album and also has the potential to be the strongest sounding track on the album as it opens with chunky guitar riffs and Mikey Chapman’s melodic vocals come in soon after taking you on one hell of an riff-tastic, fast paced melodic journey that will have you reaching for the repeat button the second the last riff is laid down.

Fans of the band will already be well used to the bands singles ‘Death Rattle’, ‘Wake Up’ and the more recent ‘Lighthouse’; all three tracks are featured on the album and it is so hard to believe that Mallory Knox already have three high standard singles under their belts this soon into their career, yet the best thing is that the other seven tracks featured on the album also have the sound, style and appeal to be future singles.

The great thing with Mallory Knox is that they can pen a big catchy song but at the same time they are also good at writing and performing laid back songs take ‘Bury Your Head’ for example it is so laid back that it sounds quite sleepy yet also quite haunting in places and it is just another example of Mallory Knox’s excellent song writing.

It is still early days for Mallory Knox but with an album as amazing as ‘Signals’ it is safe to say that 2013 is going to be a massive year for the band and I can guarantee that as the year progresses you will be hearing more Mallory Knox songs on the radio, seeing more videos on the TV and seeing the band on the road doing a mixture of headline shows and supporting high profile bands a lot more.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Mikey Chapman
Joe Savins
Sam Douglas
Dave Rawling
James Gillett
 Track Listing
1. Beggars
2. Lighthouse
3. Death Rattle
4. Wolves
5. 1949
6. Wake Up
7. Hello
8. Misdemeanour
9. Bury Your Head
10. Signals
11. Creeper
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