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Mnemic - MnemesisMnemic – Mnemesis

Danish metal act Mnemic are like a heavy metal selection box and they always have been, the reason I say that is because they group together that many different techniques and styles that it’s hard to really put your finger on a standalone appropriate label for them; progressive, industrial, melodic death, metalcore, thrash and groove could all be used to describe their music. Perhaps a better way to describe it would be to imagine a hybrid containing the musical styles of Deftones, Fear Factory, Scar Symmetry and Sonic Syndicate. Prior to this latest album, every other release that was written had all the same members present from the first to the most recent apart from of course 1 vocalist change, this release though see’s a complete line up change with founding guitarist Mircea Eftemie being the last long part of the original fold left and vocalist Guillaume Bideau who has been on the last the last 2 releases. With such an extreme change in the longstanding band dynamic can they still bring it or has it been lost with the ex members?

Pah I needn’t have worried about that by the sounds of “Transcend”, I think they are arguably better than ever, arguably in comparison to “Audio Injected Soul” and “Mechanical Spin Phenomenon”. In some ways they are much better than they used to be but on the other hand there are some elements that are more favoured than before, with “Transcend” all of the elements were present twisting and bouncing over each other but it’s the quantity in which some of them appear, the clean vocals are pretty dominant which isn’t a bad thing but is just not something that Mnemic would usually do. In all fairness though not all the songs are subject to the same changes as “Junkies on the Storm” is more normal in terms of what us fans are used to hearing still the same mechanical brutality with atmospheric interludes from the past, “Mnemesis”, “Blue Desert in a Black Hole” and “Pattern Platform” are your true to form Mnemic tracks.

They try and pull a new structure out on some tracks; lower tempo, softer sound, pure clean vocals with ominous inserts and interludes. “There’s No Tomorrow”, “Ocean of Void” and “I’ve Been You”, now I can get onboard with “Ocean of Void” and “I’ve Been You” because they aren’t quite as drastically different as “There’s No Tomorrow” is, I just can’t see that song finding a flowing placement in and setlist they could put together at a show it’d simply stop the momentum, there’s certainly a heavier metalcore influence here than with past albums like the insanely powerful “Audio Injected Soul”, but when the past couple of albums and in fact last few years haven’t been great in the Mnemic camp this new output has definitely boosted them up to a point where they can regain some status.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Guillaume Bideau
Mircea Gabriel Eftemie
Victor Ray Salomonsen
Simone Bertozzi
Brian Larsen
 Track Listing
1. Transcend
2. Valves
3. Junkies on the Storm
4. I’ve Been You
5. Pattern Platform
6. Mnemesis
7. There’s No Tomorrow
8. Haven at the End of the World
9. Ocean of Void
10. Blue Desert in a Black Hole
11. Empty Planet
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