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Motionless In White - InfamousMotionless In White - Infamous

Now then, this right here is a band that I first discovered through one of the many free Metal Hammer compilation CD’s I have attained; the song on display was a song from their debut album, a fiery little track called “Abigail” to which I found myself experiencing some initial interest but then due to it not being a lasting effect I actually forgot about them for months. It was fate that lead me to rekindle that spark as serious interest in the act came when I was covering the Asking Alexandria UK tour back towards the end of 2011 and their support set was absolutely fantastic. After obtaining their debut studio album “Creatures” and giving it a thorough listening to, I came to the conclusion they were stuck between the characteristic elements of both metalcore and moderate deathcore, it was enjoyable and fresh. Alas though another year requires another bound of material, let’s see what they have to offer us with “Infamous”.

Starting with that beast of an opening act “Black Damask (The Fog)”, which is undoubtedly an untamed aggressive beast at times but at others takes a vocal twist as they push some clean and some eerie, as well though at times they take the “emo” whiney twinge in there but it rarely rears its head. It does not prepare you for what’s about to follow though, “Devil’s Night” is definitely the best Motionless in White song beating out the other 23 songs they’ve written as in my eyes it just encompasses everything the band stands for with their gothic image and dark themes as it has the eerie backing sounds and vocal melodies as well as that drop dead heavy style, this style of composition is pretty much the basis for the entire album and with a few exceptions they pull it off perfectly.

“Puppets 2 (The Rain)” is another one of my favourites but it’s definitely got that Bleeding Through feeling with the ominous keyboards and gritty vocals, it’s the overlaying clean vocals that bring the distinction where as the title track “Infamous” screams Marilyn Manson at you, but none of these connections are a sign of imitations just well placed influence. When I say songs that don’t really work the ones that jump out at me are “A-M-E-R-I-C-A” and “Sinematic”; “Sinematic” because it was just not as energetic as you’d want, it’s down tempo and lacking the aggression and melody that the rest of the album thrives on and “A-M-E-R-I-C-A” falls under the same flaw just not down tempo in this case. “Hatefuck” is reminiscent of Dope, the vocals have some kind of different electronic effect on them as well as the deep machine like guitar tones. Before this album I enjoyed Motionless In White, thought their live set was pretty good and their songs were fresh, but now I freakin’ love them! This material just really takes it to another level with the angry gothic themes and the way they adapt everything to make it more ominous and fitting with their style, fantastic work!


Review By James Webb

 Band Members

Chris Motionless
Ricky Horror
 Track Listing
1. Black Damask (The Fog)
2. Devils Night
3. A-M-E-R-I-C-A
4. Burned at Both Ends
5. The Devine Infection
6. Puppets 2 (The Rain)
7. Sinematic
8. If It’s Dead, We’ll Kill It
9. Synthetic Love
10. Hatefuck
11. Underdog
12. Infamous
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