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Monuments - GnosisMonuments – Gnosis

The whole Djent scene has really blown up over the last 12 months, when it first emerged I wasn’t really aware it even existed to be honest, to the point where last year I was listening to some new acts that fall under this category thinking they were knew to discover they’d been kicking around for a long time! I must say its one of my favourite movements in recent years as it’s one I actually actively enjoy that is a perfect display of skill and technical ability; bands like Periphery, Tesseract, Veil of Maya and Animals as Leaders are some of my favourites to the game as they all bring their own distinctive edge that really gives them a hook. Monuments are a brand new British band from Milton Keynes that wants to join the party, “Gnosis” is their debut album and has had been promoted to death as everywhere I’ve looked to do with metal music online and in magazines there is adverts for it everywhere.

Alright then, so I’ve given it a few listens through (so far as whilst I write my reviews it’s played on a loop) and I can safely say that this band is going on my list as this material is absolutely fantastic! It would be easy to sit here and point out similarities to all of the artists that I listed earlier but that’s because Djent has a distinctive structures and techniques so there will always be similarities I mean I can see a lot of Periphery similarities in there except it’s not quite as high octane or complex it’s a lot heavier and thicker in tone, the vocals are that bit deeper and due to this the growls are heavier and the melodies and much more fitting and atmospheric.

It’s great to see British acts getting involved with such a technical and prestigious modern style, I can also say it’s great to see this particular act burst onto the scene with such an impressive debut album! That can’t be said for many bands on the whole spanning across a wide variety of genres, so overall this is a win all around!


Review By James Webb

 Band Members

John Browne
Olly Steele
Adam Swan
Mike Malyan
Matt Rose
 Track Listing
1. Admit Defeat
2. Degenerate
3. Doxa
4. The Uncollective
5. Blue Sky Thinking
6. 97% Static
7. Empty Vessels Make The Most Noise
8. Regenerate
9. Denial
10. Doxa (Instrumental)
11. Denial (Instrumental)
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