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Northpaw - TrepidationNorthpaw – Trepidation

Northpaw are a five piece band from Hampshire who formed towards the end of 2011 and are influenced by the likes of Glassjaw, Thrice, Norma Jean, The Bled and many others, since their formation they have been touring across the UK in support of their self titled debut EP and now they are gearing up to release their new EP ‘Trepidation’.

The EP opens with ‘Extinction’ and straight away these guys throw everything into the mix from roaring vocals, chunky guitar riffs, pounding drum beats, huge basslines and they generally do all this at what feels like 100 miles per hour as they smash their way through this perfect opening track which runs for nearly 5minutes.

‘Face Needs’ carries on pretty well from the opening track opening in a more melodic way yet moments later going down the hardcore route with a mad flurry of screams and killer guitar riffs, as the song progresses the Charlie Grout-Smith and Spencer Huet lay down some amazing vocals as the vocals change from melodic to raw screams with the pace and sound of the intense instrumental work.

‘Habitus’ comes in at full throttle as Northpaw jam away in an extremely aggressive way, seriously if you thought the opening track of the EP opened in an aggressive way then you have not heard anything until you get to ‘Habitus’ as it is a beast of a track and easily stands out as the biggest, most aggressive progressive track on the EP, it’s not just the instrumental work that packs a punch but the gang vocals as powerful and aggressive.

‘Oil, Gratulerar’ continues the aggressive streak, yet throughout the 4minutes that the song runs for it goes through many different twists and turns whilst managing to keep pleasing the ears throughout.

The EP closes with ‘Artificial Respiration’ a song which starts off mellow, gets extremely aggressive towards the middle and fades out towards the end in a dreamy kind of way.

If you are yet to hear of Northpaw then I suggest that you either head over to their Facebook to check out a couple of songs and when ‘Trepidation’ is released on the 28th January 2013 head over to Itunes to download it as it is a beast of an EP which leaves this listener needing to check Northpaw out on the live circuit.


Review By Trigger

 Band Members

Charlie Grout-Smith
Andy Allen
Spencer Huet
Josh Irvine
Jack Robinson
 Track Listing
1. Extinction
2. Face Needs
3. Habitus
4. Oil, Gratulerar
5. Artificial Respiration
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Northpaw Facebook
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