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Obey The Brave - Young BloodObey The Brave – Young Blood

Obey The Brave are some Canadian newbie bruisers that I came across when attending the 2012 Impericon Never Say Die UK tour and found myself extremely impressed with them, their live set was absolutely fantastic, powerful and enjoyable but if you want to know about that you can read my other review! Nevertheless I was waiting for their album to be released anyway before I attended the gig and then when I saw their performance I was completely blown away, real down to earth concepts with upbeat themes and aggressive tones, right then I knew I had to get hold of this album with the hope I could get that raw feeling onto my iPod.

The best way I can describe what their sound like is with “It Starts Today” and it has elements taken from an extremely vast range of musical styles; there’s some metalcore riffs, Hatebreed-esque hardcore elements, positive messages and lyrical lines. The band are Canadian, there are parts of Canada where French is their main language, it’s nice that Obey The Brave have got a song “Garde Le Tete Froide” which is written in French and I must say whilst I have no idea what the lyrics are it’s a savage beast! It really is the perfect mesh of styles as it’s got that old school hardcore feel mixed in with some odd deathcore sounds but with crunchy melodies and riffs, “Get Real” is another good one with the chorus line and introductory line ringing out “DON’T LOSE YOUR HEAD”.

It’s so fresh to hear authoritative metal music with a positive message and attitude makes them actual role models, alongside that factor they really do have the music to back it up as the style and tone on this material is so fresh. “Early Graves” is probably my favourite song on the album and “Burning Bridges” is the only song to actually include any clean vocals in the mix, possibly experimentation but who knows, I’ll tell you what I know this is the freaking shit and I’m glad I discovered these guys so early on in their careers.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Alex Erian
Miguel Lepage
John Campbell
Greg Wood
Stevie Morotti
 Track Listing
1. Lifestyle
2. It Starts Today
3. Self Made
4. Live And Learn
5. Garde Le Tete Froide
6. Grim
7. Get Real
8. Time For A Change
9. Unstoppable
10. Early Graves
11. Burning Bridges
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