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Parkway Drive - AtlasParkway Drive – Atlas

Australian five piece Parkway Drive have been making a noise in the metal core scene since they released their debut album ‘Killing With A Smile’ back in 2005, but it was 2010’s ‘Deep Blue’ which really saw the band get the recognition that they deserved with ‘Deep Blue’ hitting up many alternative charts and featuring on various publications best albums of the year feature, well Parkway Drive are now back with their fourth studio album ‘Atlas’ which in my opinion is the best album they have ever released and is going to see their fan base expand massively.

‘Atlas’ see’s the band reflecting on their constant travels where life in the band has seen them play pretty much all over the world on numerous occasions, the album stays true to the bands signature sound but see’s them move in a more mature hard hitting direction with super slick production.

The album opens with various different soundscapes coming through in ‘Sparks’, as the song progresses the drums come in giving off a sound of a marching band trooping past, as the song progresses even further you are treated to some spoken word vocals of “Born of dust and stone, dead hearts roaming a dying home, fight leaves us all, white cloths upon the shores of time, we are but sparks in a darkened world, and yet some things were born to burn”, moments later the guitars come in all supercharged and raring to go as Winston McCall screams “I’ll Bring The Gasoline” and before you know it the song finishes and Parkway Drive launch into ‘Old Ghost/ New Regrets’ which is a metalcore masterpiece with its chugging guitar riffs, intense drumming, raw lead vocals and epic sounding gang vocals.

Songs like ‘Wild Eyes’, ‘Dark Days’, ‘Swing’ and ‘Snake Oil And Holy Water’ will have you head banging like crazy and will also leave you wishing you were in the pit at a Parkway Drive gig to shake off the adrenaline the songs leave running through your body as they are big frantic sounding songs.

‘The River’ and the album title track ‘Atlas’ see’s Parkway Drive take on a more laid back sound, the vocals are still as raw as ever in places more so throughout ‘The River’, yet instrumentally things get very experimental as everything becomes more toned down yet just as pleasing on the ears.

Metalcore may not be everyone’s thing but when it comes to the metalcore scene Parkway Drive are the kings of it as they have a knack of crafting heavy musicianship with raw as fuck vocals and mixing it up ever so slightly to give it a big listenable sound, and the best thing about Parkway Drive is the fact that they are not shy when it comes to creating new music and like to experiment with different things and so far they can do no wrong as they have just released yet another solid album which is all killer no filler.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Winston McCall
Luke Kilpatrick
Jeff Ling
Ben Gordon
Jia O'Connor
 Track Listing
1. Sparks
2. Old Ghost / New Regrets
3. Dream Run
4. Wild Eyes
5. Dark Days
6. The River
7. Swing
8. The Slow Surrender
9. Atlas"
10. Sleight of Hand
11. Snake Oil and Holy Water
12. Blue and the Grey
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