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My Chemical Romance - Boy Division/Tomorrow's MoneyMy Chemical Romance – Boy Division/Tomorrow’s Money

After My Chemical Romance spent a couple of years solidly touring their third studio album ‘The Black Parade’ they started work on their forth studio album and after writing and recording ten tracks for their at the time untitled forth album they decided that things weren’t working before scrapping the songs and eventually writing recording and releasing their concept album ‘Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys’ , now 2 years after the release of ‘Danger Days’ My Chemical Romance have decided that it is time to put out the scraped album but instead of releasing the album in one go they have decided to release 2 songs every month for 5 months until all 10 tracks have been released making up their lost album ‘Conventional Weapons’.

When I heard that My Chemical Romance had decided to release their scrapped songs I started to question why they would want to release a set of songs that they felt weren’t strong enough to release back in 2009 when they wrote and recorded them but after listening to ‘Boy Division’ the first song to be released from the scrapped album I question what was going through their mind when they scrapped it as ‘Boy Division’ is an instant accessible song which see’s My Chemical Romance go more back to the sound of their breakthrough album ‘Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge’, the song runs for just over 3 minutes and is an fast and furious punk rock number which oozes in energy and style, the guitar riffs are extremely fast and frantic, especially at the 2minute mark where things start sounding quite meaty in a near metal way, vocally the song is spot on with Gerard Way’s vocals flowing at such a pace that you will find yourself listening to the track over and over again until you have mastered the lyrics.

The b-side ‘Tomorrow’s Money’ starts off sounding like a musical mess with a lot of noise and distorted vocals coming at you but as the song progresses and reaches the 40 seconds mark the song starts to make more sense as the noisy chorus charges through in a big bouncy way with Gerard Way singing “I stopped bleeding 3 years ago, while you keep screaming for revolution”, the song is defiantly a grower which starts to stand out more and more after each listen but I do wonder how the hardcore My Chemical Romance fans will take to this song as it sounds a dirty garage punk rock song and not like your usual over produced polished song that the fans have come to love over the years, but saying that I am sure if My Chemical Romance released a cover of One Directions ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ it would become an instant hit with their fans.

My Chemical Romance have made a tough yet good decision to release their scrapped songs and if ‘Boy Division’ and ‘Tomorrow’s Money’ are anything to go by then My Chemical Romance fans have a few very exciting months ahead of them and I bet they are already counting down the days until part 2 touches down at the end of November.


Review by Trigger

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Gerard Way
Mikey Way
Ray Toro
Frank Iero
 Track Listing
1. Boy Division
2. Tomorrow's Money
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