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While She Sleeps - This Is SixWhile She Sleeps – This Is Six

While She Sleeps have absolutely exploded on the scene over the past couple of years; with only a mini album under their belts they have managed a couple of very successful sold out UK tours, some pretty gnarly support slots and managed to release material worldwide alongside pretty extensive travelling. I have to say -because its no big secret - I am a rather big fan of these guys; their live shows are explosive and their music ranges from a raging beast to a soothing storm with a mere drop of the bass. This Is Six marks the bands first actual full length studio release from the band after 2010’s mini album The North Stands For Nothing was released free with Metal Hammer magazine and this particular milestone could make While She Sleeps metals next big thing.

Ok, I’ve just had my face blown through the back of my head. Opening track “Dead Behind The Eye” has just completely changed the nature of the game that we’ve been playing; with a much thicker tone, a fuller drum sound, much more aggressive nature, bounds of growth and material too. It unlocks that angry primal urge of me to absolutely smash everything in sight just to match the chaos and to get the adrenaline out of me that has been pushed into me. “False Freedom” is the same except slightly less sinister but only a touch; the compositions of these songs make them epic minutes of a musical journey, proves to all anti metal people amongst the population that metal is not just noise it has a degree of extremely well considered structures and beautiful melodies, alongside a healthy expression of frustration and angst.
Apart from the interlude “The Chapel” and the outro “Reunite” I gave every song a 5 star rating on my iTunes, I cannot get over how fantastic it is and they only come from Sheffield! A mere couple of hours from where I live when all of my favourite bands are usually from America this is an extremely proud moment for me. Each song has its own structural anomalies which stray from their standard layout which keeps each track an individual and memorable, especially the title track “This Is Six” because even with Lawrence Taylor’s gritty vocal style he still manages alongside his backing vocal accomplices to produce melodic lines that etch themselves deep inside your brain.

I can’t say anything more on this; I’m just far too hyped on this for anything else to make sense, I’ve been bouncing around my house to this album all day now, I’ve even accidentally swore in front of my mother just out of sheer excitement. The whole thing has been perhaps a touch of a bad influence on me and for this reason as well as the quality for the third time this week I’m putting an album in my list for albums of 2012, it is a good year this one.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Lawrence Taylor
Sean Long
Mat Welsh
Aaran Mckenzie
Adam Savage
 Track Listing
1. Dead Behind The Eye
2. False Freedom
3. Satisfied In Suffering
4. Seven Hills
5. Our Courage, Our Cancer
6. This Is Six
7. The Chapel
8. Be(lie)ve
9. Until the Death
10. Love At War
11. The Plague Of A New Age
12. Reunite
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