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Muse - The 2nd LawMuse – The 2nd Law

Muse are easily one of the best British bands around at the moment, they have been going as a band for a solid 18 years now and in that time they have released 6 very diverse sounding albums and toured the world over many times including headlining some of the biggest festivals across the world and also played the Olympics closing ceremony which has been billed as the biggest live event in the world to date.

The sixth Muse album ‘The 2nd Law’ has just been released and a couple of months before the release of the album Muse previewed a couple of tracks from the album and within minutes the internet was in melt down with music news websites, forums, Facebook and Twitter all reporting how muse have gone dub step with their new album and now after listening to the album a few times over I can confirm that yes Muse have gone dub step but they have not over done it and have only gone dub step for a handful of tracks and it actually works really well giving the band an even bigger more diverse epic sound.

‘The 2nd Law’ is an epic album and easily one of the strongest albums released by a British band so far this year and from start to finish it has a feel of classic Muse mixed with Queen, Rush and Skrillex to give an almost cinematic sound and feel, take the opening track ‘Supremacy’ for example the first 40 – 50 seconds of the track sounds like it should be featured in a mad chase scene in an action or sci-fi movie and then suddenly the song almost stops as Matt Bellamy comes in with his amazing vocals which starts off really slow and mellow sounding and but then soon builds up until Bellamy reaches his peak and screams “Your Supremacy’ like someone has just cupped his balls by surprise, the song is truly unpredictable and features so much more than what you would ever expect Muse to deliver.

‘Madness’ is a toned down synth driven track which ends up sounding very much like Queen during the middle part of the song as the guitar solo kicks in sounding like Brain May has just joined the band, ‘Panic Station’ is an extremely bouncy sounding song which has a sound and feel of early Red Hot Chilli Peppers, yet Muse somehow nail it ever so well that if this was a rock off there would be no point in the Chilli’s even turning up.

Four songs in and Muse include a ‘Prelude’ which is a short instrumental piece which sounds like it would fit into a major part of a sci-fi movie as it has that whole space age feel which makes me think that Tom Delonge needs to get in touch with Muse about this as they seem to be doing everything on ‘2nd Law’ that Delonge promised Angels And Airwaves would do from the start.

‘Survival’ is the song which the world witnessed at the Olympics and it is pretty simple to see why Muse choose to play this song to millions of people across the world as it is an truly epic 4minute song which is completely bonkers with Muse literally putting everything into the song apart from the kitchen sink, vocally Bellamy is on top form and I can already imagine thousands of people screaming “Lifes a race, and i’m gonna win” at their live shows.

When the album reaches the two closing tracks ‘The 2nd Law Unsustainable’ and ‘The 2nd Law Isolated Systems’ Muse hit hardcore dub step territory and it works extremely well given off an almighty massive sound before the mellow sounding spoken word climax of ‘The 2nd Law Isolated Systems’ fades out.

With ‘The 2nd Law’ Muse have outdone anything they have ever done before and created the album of their career, the album is outstanding from start to finish with no faults in sight and the bands fans are going to lap up the album in massive numbers giving Muse yet another number 1 album.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Matthew Bellamy
Dominic Howard
Chris Wolstenholme
 Track Listing
1. Supremacy
2. Madness
3. Panic Station
4. Prelude
5. Survival
6. Follow Me
7. Animals
8. Explorers
9. Big Freeze
10. Save Me
11. Liquid State
12. The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
13. The 2nd Law: Isolated System
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