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Phinius Gage - Seek Out Your FoesPhinius Gage - Seek Out Your Foes

Phinius Gage have been one of my favourite UK punk bands since they formed back in 2003 and signed to Deck Cheese records. Through the years Phinius Gage have survived the slowly sinking UK punk scene by touring the country many times over and bringing out some killer albums and have just made their best album to date with 'Seek Out Your Foes' which is released on Small town Records in March.

'Seek Out Your Foes' is the best album Phinius gage have ever written by a long shot, it’s fast, melodic and harder sounding than any of their previous releases. The album opens with 'Battered and Bruised' a song which has been on the bands myspace for a few months now, the song is a great start to the album and clearly shows how the bands sound has changed for the better. 'Mary Fucking Kelly' is a nicely named song and quite a fast sing a long song which features some really fast guitar work and killer drumming.

The album title track 'Seek Out Your Foes' is the best Phinius Gage song I have ever heard, the lyrics are angry the drums are blistering and the song finishes with an amazing metal sounding guitar solo that you just wouldn’t expect from this band, awesome stuff. 'Lead Us into Temptation' features guest female vocals making the song a duel assault of male/female vocals making one of the most interesting sounding songs on the album.

It’s great to see Phinius Gage take a more heavier sound and 'Stop Looking Up' leads the way as it’s so fast and heavy and sure to be a killer played live. 'Behind Darkness You've No Light' is 2 minutes and 11 seconds of greatness, the song starts off pretty mellow but soon picks up with the sound the band are known for, Ade’s vocals are fast and slightly remind me of Dave Grohl's on the 'Monkey Wrench' chorus where he gets every last word in without coming up for air, stunning stuff. 'Traffic Lights Party' sounds like it would fit nicely on the bands 'The Feeling Something’s Wrong' album and features some great backing vocals.

The fast heavy melodic punk runs throughout the whole album until track ten 'Provocation song' when Mike treats us to a nice sounding acoustic number.

Seek Out Your Foes really shows how much this band have matured and progressed musically and lyrically, the album is great throughout and the only bad point I can find is that the majority of the songs are really short clocking in at 2-3 minutes in length which isn’t really bad just me being fussy.

It’s good to see Phinius Gage prove that they are as good if not better than many American bands and also start to get the recognition they truly deserve.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Phinius Gage - Band
Matt Steele (Drums)
Mike Scott (Bass, Vocals)
Ade Maverick (Guitar, Vocals)
Karlos Brown (Guitar)
 Track Listing
1. Battered & Bruised
2. Mary Fucking Kelly
3. Seek Out Your Foes
4. Lead Us Into Temptation
5. You Probably Think This Song Is About You And You're Right
6. Stop Looking Up
7. Behnind Darkness You've No Light
8. Traffic Lights Party
9. The Young And The Restless
10. Provocation Song
11. What Don't You Ask Yourself Why?
12. My Eyes Bled Colours
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