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Newton Faulkner - Write It On Your SkinNewton Faulkner – Write It On Your Skin

We interviewed Newton Faulkner a couple of months back and spoke about his third studio album ‘Write It On Your Skin’ and he told us that the whole album had be written to be played live and at the time we were left wondering how do you write an live album but after listening to ‘Write It On Your Skin’ it is easy to see as the album is packed full of 10 catchy as hell tracks that are going to make up the soundtrack to many people’s summer.

With ‘Write It On Your Skin’ Newton Faulkner is back in a positive way and back to reclaim the top spot from his brother from another mother Ed Sheeran who has been riding at the top of the solo singer songwriter guitar god scene for a couple of years now.

The album opens with ‘Pulling Teeth’ a track that has the potential to cheer people up no matter how bad their day has been as Faulkner has penned the perfect opener here and from this moment the album just gets better and better with songs like ‘Soon’ taking you on a beautiful ride with Faulkner’s well known slap style guitar work, and ‘Brick By Brick’ oozing in melodic style and fancy sing-a-long lyrics.

‘Clouds’ is a perfect sounding song with a big message running through about how you should lead your life and not worry about what others think and how you should be yourself. ‘Pick Up Your Broken Heart’ is the token soppy song from the album and is extremely slow paced with an sad sounding chorus.

‘Long shot’ and ‘Write It On Your Skin’ are easily the strongest tracks on the album, they both stand out but in total individual ways, ‘Longshot’ for example is a track which builds up over time and the further the song progresses the better and more up beat the track gets with more emotions being heard in Faulkner’s vocals, whilst ‘Write It On Your Skin’ is the lead single to be taken from the album and is the perfect radio friendly summer sing-a-long track that will be spinning around your head for days after one listen.

Newton Faulkner couldn’t of picked a better time to release ‘Write It On Your Skin’ being slap bang in the middle of the summer and when Britain actually has a spot of sunshine, if you thought his second album ‘Rebuilt By Humans’ was a bit hit or miss I can reassure you that Faulkner is back to his best and ‘Write It On Your Skin’ features some of the man’s best work to date.


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Newton Faulkner
 Track Listing
1. Pulling Teeth
2. Soon
3. Brick By Brick
4. Clouds
5. Pick Up Your Broken Heart
6. Longshot
7. Write It On Your Skin
8. In The Morning
9. Against The Grain
10. Sugar In The Snow
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