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Malefice - Entities (Anniversary Edition)Malefice – Entities (Anniversary Edition)

Reading thrashers Malefice have decided to fully re-mastered and re-released their debut album “Entites” to coincide with their recently announced large headline run of the UK in September. The reason for this appears extremely clear to me; a few months ago on The Progression Tour in the band’s hometown of Reading when I caught up with lead vocalist Dale Butler, he informed me that since the release of their latest album “Awaken The Tides” they have gained a great deal of recognition, these newly gained fans are seemingly going back through the bands back catalogue and raising the question as to why the band rarely play anything from that debut as they thought it was awesome. He then proceeded to tell me that the record label wanted them to push the new material live as much as possible to boost sales, so they never got chance to play many other tracks but now that they’ve re-released the album and are now going to have to push that for sales they can once again play more of it live.

But none of that is important, it’s all well and good they get to play the material live again but now they’re pushing a new album to the public, if already owning the original “Entities” is the quality of this release improved to the point where it makes it worthwhile to own both along with the added unreleased track? From what I can tell, musically speaking about the guitars and drums there doesn’t appear to be a significant difference in quality by even a little bit, everything appears the same as it did on the original, the vocals from what I can tell have undergone some degree of improvement but not as much as you’d like. Seeing as this is effectively exactly the same album, I can only properly review the unreleased track I guess; “Reason’s Lost” was a song that didn’t quite make the cut first time around and wasn’t included, for reasons which are starting to become clear; the rest of the album is a brutal mash of breakdowns and screaming, this track has clean vocals and is quite melodic, I like this approach in a way because it’s a change of pace but some of the clean vocals are just not on par.

So then in my opinion is this worth adding to your collection should you already have the original? Times are tough don’t waste your money, if you want the extra track go to iTunes or something, if you don’t already have the original and are interested in the band? Then 100% yes get the album as it’s more readily available to acquire and it’s a damn good collection of songs.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Dale Butler
Ben Symons
Andrew Wilson
Tom Hynes
Chris Allan-Whyte
 Track Listing
1. Empirieal Proof (Part One)
2. Risen from the Ashes
3. Into a New Light
4. Dreams Without Courage
5. History Repeats
6. Traitor To All You Know
7. Horizon Burns
8. Empirieal Proof (Part Two)
9. As Skies Turn Black
10. Nothing Left
11. A World Deceased
12. Bringer of War
13. Reasons Lost
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