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I Am I - Event HorizonI Am I – Event Horizon

It is only fitting that since I have just reviewed the new Dragonforce album, to now voice my thoughts on the new project that ex-singer (ZP Theart) just started up in an attempt to salvage his reputation after promptly diving off the singing ship that was his former band. Whilst they have to work from the beginning of the ladder to build up to the reputation of Dragonforce, with a slot on the mainstage of Bloodstock Open Air festival confirmed and a few dates under their belt the band have wasted no time getting their name out there and pushing themselves on the metal community, it’s a damn good start! Nothing more left to say for their introduction to be honest so let’s see what they’ve got to offer us with this debut!

And just as I predicted a warm familiar feeling is reignited in me the very second the vast range and sweet tones from Theart’s voice grace my ear drums, it’s such a familiar sound that sparks a feeling that I have really missed over the past couple of years. This time around however whilst it’s still combined with a similar musical backing of the same genre of his past project, this time it’s not cluttered with ridiculous over the top riffs and breakneck speeds for the sake of it, this time the music is just technical enough to force itself into the limelight but in a way that doesn’t drag focus away from the vocals, must be a fresh feeling for Theart. Don’t take that to mean the musicians are not as skilful, the various solo’s prove that they’re equally as impressive just not over the top show offs. Album Opener “This is my Life” is just under 6 minutes of chunky distortion, atmospheric twists and turns in terms of emotional feeling ranging from ominous and sinister to upbeat and energetic.

Following on is “Silent Genocide” which is a bouncy little gem, damn catchy too. It’s great to hear some fresh power metal with a great voice that can have the degree of variation that is present on this record, 2 songs in and we’ve already had such a vast range of different styles and then the third “Stay A While” draws on your soft side with some of the lighter tones surrounding the choruses. “Kiss of Judas” embraces a sinister twist, “Wasted Wonders” is heavy as hell, “In The Air Tonight” is more classic rock with an infectious chorus, there’s just so much on display and every track has its own distinctive selling points and contribute different factors to the album.

On the whole then this is a distinctive release with much to offer, a timeless genre has been modernised in recent years and bands like Dragonforce have commercialised it by showing off and pushing it into the spotlight, but it’s bands like I Am I who keep retain the true roots of power metal and the sophisticated song writing it entails, welcome back Theart it’s been too long!


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

ZP Theart
Jacob Ziemba
Neil Salmon
Phil Martini
 Track Listing
1. This Is My Life
2. Silent Genocide
3. Stay A While
4. Cross The Line
5. In The Air Tonight
6. King In The Ruins
7. Kiss Of Judas
8. Dust 2 Dust
9. Wasted Wonders
10. Pave The Way
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