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Klaxons - Golden SkansKlaxons - Golden Skans

NME Shockwaves tour headliners Kalxons return with this single from the well-received debut album ‘Myths of the Near Future’.
With constant backing from Radio 1 and multiple music channels you’d have done well to avoid this one. Catchy synths with falsetto vocals and upbeat looping keyboards and drums, this song is instantly likeable. Its much more pop influenced than previous releases and can be compared to Hard-Fi (without the day to day grind inspired lyrics). ‘Golden Skans’ is an attractive track from one of the year’s most promising bands, expect to hear much more from Klaxons in the future.


Review by Jakk
 Band Members
Klaxons - Band
Jamie Reynolds (Vocals, Bass guitar, Keyboards)
James Righton (Vocals, Keyboards, Bass Guitar)
Simon Taylor-Davis (Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Steffan Halperin (Drums, Backing Vocals)
 Track Listing
1. Golden Skans
2. Golden Skans Erol Alkan's Ekstra Spektral Edit
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