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John 5 - God Told Me ToJohn 5 – God Told Me To

John 5 is set to released his new 10 track album ‘God Told Me To’ on the 8th May which is just before he heads out on the road again with Rob Zombie on a co-headline tour with Megadeth in America and the album is one hell of a beastly solo record.

‘God Told Me To’ opens with ‘Welcome To Violence’ which happens to be one the best full on guitar tracks I have ever heard, John 5 does wonders with the his guitar and produces sounds that are full on bliss to the ears and it is all done at such a pace that you may start to wonder if you are on a mad acid trip or something, the song has clearly been influenced by John’s time with Rob Zombie as musically it is something that you can imagine Rob Zombie blasting out some morbid vocals to.

Back last summer John 5 released a digital version of a cover of the classic Michael Jackson song ‘Beat It’ and that happens to be featured on the album and John 5 has taken the original and added some fast electronic effects whilst also tackling the original Eddie Van Halen guitar solo with perfection, the only downside to the track is that at key points you expect Jackson’s vocals to come in yet they never do.

‘Ashland Bump’ see’s John 5 crack out the acoustic guitar and is a fun little track which shows a total different side from what John 5 has shown in the past and just as you think the track is going to end it surprises you with a little reprise .

‘Killafornia’ starts off quite heavy like it’s going to be a track to head bang to but then these technical twist and turns come out of nowhere and John 5 shows off his skills. ‘The Castle’ is another technical track where John 5 literally uses every section of his guitar whilst creating a melodic track.

‘The Hill Of The Seven Jackals’ is another technical masterpiece which stands out really well on an album which features 10 extremely listenable tracks as John works his guitar in ways other guitarist could only dream of. ‘Noche Acosador’ see’s John 5 go down the Mariachi route and he does it ever so well and is a route that I wish John 5 would take more often as he does it so much justice.

Over the years John 5 has had a really bumpy time in the music industry but it seems that no matter what shit he has to face he always lands on his feet and takes on a task bigger and better than before and ‘God Told Me To’ happens to be the most creative and diverse album that John 5 has released so far and it easily puts John 5 up there against the other big guitar gods like Steve Via and Joe Satriani.


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 Track Listing
1. Welcome To Violence
2. Beat It
3. Ashland Bump
4. Killafornia
5. The Castle
6. The Hill of the Seven Jackals
7. Noche Acosador
8. The Lust Killer
9. The Lie You Live
10. Creepy Crawler
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