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Off! - Off!Off! – Off!

Off! Are the latest band by ex Blag Flag frontman Keith Morris, the band have been together since 2009 and have just put the finishing touches to their self titled new album which is due for release on the 8th May through Vice Records.

‘Off!’ is as hardcore as it gets the album is made up of 16 songs and runs for a total of 16 minutes so as you can see each track runs for an average of a minute each and before you know it the album is over but the fun part about this album is how Keith Morris’s takes you on a fast and furious ride with his unique vocals which shine throughout.

The album is extremely listenable with some good hardcore moments on offer and some classic guitar riffs such as in tracks like ‘King Kong Brigade’ and ‘Harbor Freeway Blues’ but the main downside to the album is the length of the tracks, just as you start getting into a track it sharply ends and on many occasions it feels and sounds slightly odd leaving you wondering if the songs are half complete, but then again this is exactly how old skool punk/hardcore music used to be.

When listening to the album you can clearly tell that Off! Are pros when it comes to the hardcore scene as they have created a fast and furious short album that you have to listen to a few times over to fully get the most out of it, so it’s time for many of you to hair spray your mohawk and get ready to rock out for 16 minutes to this interesting slice of hardcore music with an oldskool edge.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Keith Morris
Dimitri Coats
Steven Shane McDonald
Mario Rubalcaba
 Track Listing
1. Wiped Out
2. I Got News For You
3. Elimination
4. Cracked
5. Wrong
6.. Borrow and Bomb
7 Toxic Box
8. Man From Nowhere
9. Jet Black Girls
10. King Kong Brigade
11. Harbor Freeway Blues
12. Feelings Are Meant to Be Hurt
13. Vaporized
14. 503
15. Zero for Conduct
16. I Need One (I Want One)
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