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Motionless In White - CreaturesMotionless In White – Creatures

I am starting to think that I have been living under a rock somewhere as recently everywhere I look I see Motionless In White and every time I see big captions saying how the band are going to be massive and also become everyone’s favourite new band so as soon as I saw the band were re-releasing their debut album ‘Creatures’ I just knew I had to give it a listen.

Looking at Motionless In White you would be forgiven for thinking that the band want to be like the Black Veil Brides as the image of the band is like a more darker variation of that of the Black Veil Brides but as soon as ‘Creatures’ opens with ‘Immaculate Misconception’ you just know that Motionless In White are nothing like the Black Veil Brides soundwise and have a sound that will get you hooked and shatter your hearing at the same time.

As you get further through listening to ‘Creatures’ you can see that Motionless In White have spent a lot of time in writing, recording and generally creating the album as they have put so much into it the sound they have combines metal, screamo, pop, punk, industrial and cramed it together in one massive listenable way where at one moment you will be hearing crunching guitar riffs and extremely raw screamy vocals and then the next you will be treated to pulsing synths and beautiful sounding sing-a-long vocals.

The album title track ‘Creatures’ is a great song and opens in a bit of a tub-thumper way with loud drum beats and machine gun style riffs, the great thing about the song is how the track was actually written by the bands fans apart from the chorus which show how much the band appreciate their fans and vice versa, as the song progresses it becomes very melodic which leaves you understanding how it became a single release for the band.

There are so many great songs featured on the album such as ‘London In Terror’, ‘Abigal’, ‘ Cobwebs’, ‘Puppets (The First Snow)’ and ‘Scissorhands (The Last Snow)’ however ‘Puppets (The First Snow) and ‘Scissorhands (The Last Snow)’ are my favourite tracks on the album, ‘Puppets’ because it is easily the heaviest track on the album and features some fantastic breakdowns and backing growls, and ‘Scissorhands (The Last Snow)’ because the song is about Edward Scissorhands and it has so much going on giving the song a slight horror movie feel to it, the guitars are huge sounding, the vocals are a big mix of clear sounding vocals and screamo vocals whilst the keyboard work adds a massive atmospheric feel.

The re-release of ‘Creatures’ features a couple of extra tracks and remixes that weren’t featured on the original release and normally I’m not to interested in remixes and stuff like this but after listening to ‘Creatures’ (Beauty Remix By Celldwell my mind has changed because the song has been proper beefed up and also has a slight dance floor anthem feel about it at the same time.

Overall despite being two years old ‘Creatures’ is a solid album, I am not sure that the added remixes on the re-release is going to be enough to keep the hardcore fans ticking over until the release of album number 2 later in the year but what I do know is that Motionless In White will be gaining a bigger fan base now ‘Creatures’ has been re-released as it is a massive sounding album and anyone who missed it the first time will be a fool not to pick it up now.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Chris Motionless
Ricky Horror
 Track Listing
1. Immaculate Misconception
2. We Only Come Out At night
3. London In Terror
4. Abigail
5. Creatures
6. Cobwebs
7. Com Pt. II
8. Count Choculitis
9. City Lights
10. Puppets (The First Snow)
11. Undead Ahead
12. Scissorhands (The Last Snow)

Bonus Tracks:
13. Dragula (a Rob Zombie cover)
14. Creatures (Beauty Remix By Celldweller)
15. Mallevs Maleficarvm (Remix By Tim Skold)

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