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Halestorm - The Strange Case Of…Halestorm - The Strange Case Of…

Lzzy Hale and co have really let their heavier side rear its head on their highly anticipated second album. The impression their self titled debut left on the rock community has drawn them a huge following, pushed even further by their energetic live shows. The main draw here is Lzzy Hale’s outstanding vocals, as a female singer in a hard rock band she opposes the stereotypical booze and sex related clichés providing the same issues from a women’s point of view.

Their great debut focussed on issues involving sex, relationships and other assorted topics common with this genre but from a woman’s perspective; this follow up branches out to various other topics, there is still the sex/relationship themed material present but the progression to include other topics shows tremendous growth. Looking at “Freak Like Me” in particular as a more universally relatable song globally, they even let slip an extremely dark side that up till now they seem to have managed to do a great job of hiding; “Daughters of Darkness” shows a slight gothic feel amongst the heavy chord sequences but “Mz Hyde” really takes it to another level with the sinister backing, eerie vocals and dark theme, still god damn heavy as hell though.

You can’t ignore how heavy the whole record is, me and our Alternative Vision editor Trigger have discussed it at length, we both expressed a feeling that it was a surprising yet amazing progression (check out “Love Bites (So Do I)” and “You Call Me a Hitch Like it’s a Bad Thing” if you need convincing); that’s not to say they’ve lost that gentle side of them though because there are still some beautiful little tunes on here. “Break In”, “Beautiful With You” and “In Your Room” take the lighter toned acoustic approach giving the album range, proving they can still write the songs to make you weep at night when you feel alone, where as “American Boys” is a bouncy little bugger that proves they can wrote a God damn amazing southern rock riff, erm more of that in future please?

What a freaking album! You couldn’t ask for anymore from them, they’ve given a thick chunk of the extensive range in their material proving to the world that they can go places nobody would imagine they would ever go to, not only that but do it freaking well. I cannot wait to see this new stuff live I really can’t, I’ll go absolutely ape shit and if you’re a fan of rock music you will acquire this album and be alongside me also going ape shit.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Lzzy Hale
Josh Storm
Joe Storm
 Track Listing
1. Love Bites (So Do I)
2. Mz Hyde
3. I Miss The Misery
4. Freak Like Me
5. Beautiful With You
6. In Your Room
7. Break In
8. Rock Show
9. Daughters of Darkness
10. You Call Me a Bitch Like it’s a Bad Thing
11. American Boys
12. Here’s to Us
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