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The Hedrons - HeatseekerThe Hedrons – Heatseeker

Following on from their previous single “I Need You,” the Hedrons are back with Heatseeker.

The song just kicks off straight away, with no build up or anything. It's just in your face. Blam. Glaswegian girl rock, here we go. A heavy bass riff that fills the verses and underscores the main riff, which consists of notes that work and don't work at the same time. They're slightly “off” notes, and don't immediately sound at all related to the bass notes, however, they are just. And it's this “not working,” that makes it all work so well.

I don't really understand what that songs about, “I need a heatseeker, cos I'm a heatseeker,” but that's really not important is it.

What's important is, it's a bloody good song. The heavy indie music is refreshing in a way. It's not like every other band that have sprung up recently, but it's not slipping into the realms of causing offense. And the vocals, well, wow. An awesome voice that works amazingly well with the backing.

Well done girls.


Review by Thom
 Band Members
The Hedrons - Band
Gill (Bass)
Rosie (Lead Guitar)
Soup (Drums)
Tippi (Lead Vocals)
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1. Heatseeker
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