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Plan B - Ill ManorsPlan B – Ill Manors

Since the major success of his second album ‘The Defamation Of Strickland Banks’ Plan B has said that he would like to go back to his hip-hop roots and after many months of waiting to see what direction Plan B would take next with his music he has just unveiled his new single ‘Ill Manors’ which is also the name of the film that Ben Drew is directing and the song confirms that Plan B has gone back to his hip-hop roots and this time around he’s angry and has a lot to vent about.

‘Ill Manors’ is lyrically a genius of a song as it see’s Plan B rapping about the state of the government, the forthcoming Olympics, teenagers and so much more, the lyrics are hard hitting with Plan B having a dig at the government over the UK riots with bold and honest lyrics of “We’ve had it with you politicians, you bloody rich kids never listen there’s no such thing as broken Britain we’re just bloody broke in Britain what needs fixing is the system not shop windows down in Brixton riots on the television you can’t put us all in prision!’.

I feel that Plan B has taken a massive gamble with his change in sound especially after the massive success he recently enjoyed with his more soulful sounding music, some of his new found fans may well be put off ‘Ill Manors’ but fans of Hip-hop who have felt the hip-hop scene has been lacking for many years now should be pleasantly surprised that Plan B is here to help make the scene good again.


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