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Veil of Maya - EclipseVeil of Maya – Eclipse

4 piece American Deathcore act Veil of Maya have been kicking around for 8 years now and are just about to drop their latest studio album “Eclipse”. I’ll begin by admitting that when I saw that the CD had the “deathcore” genre classification I had made a premature judgement in regards to how I thought it would sound and wasn’t really left with much hope or excitement, I mean when you’ve got bands like Job For A Cowboy, Suicide Silenceand Whitechapel all sporting the same label then it doesn’t really lead me to believe much else.

Fortunately I’ve always been able to keep my judgements aside and listen to albums with a clear mind. Good job that I did as well because I find myself thoroughly enjoying the album more every time I listen to it. I wasn’t entirely wrong with my prejudice the usual techniques and trademark writing styles are all present; heavy bassy breakdowns, extremely deep growls, drops and what have you, but not all is what it seems. There’s and underlying melody, some melodic guitar work and keyboards giving it another level, prime example being “Winter is Coming Soon” where the chorus’s are definitely more on the metalcore side of the scale with a much less chaotic structure.

That track was definitely a gateway song to the rest of the album, after indulging on that one a few times I found myself getting into more of the aggressive genre appropriate ones on the album like “Divide Paths” and“Punisher” which can definitely be classed under the deathcore label. The whole thing definitely appears to have had extreme consideration in its production and writing; “Vicious Circles” has a piano interlude, “The Glass Slide” has a really atmospheric musical backing where as“Numerical Scheme” has a backing that can be quite ominous at times.

All in all I think the band have tried to take the music they love and adapt it into something that could be universally appreciated with use of atmospheric backing and melody. Kind of breaks down the stereotypes of deathcore not being a skilful genre of music because this album is a beautiful piece of work but would still rupture your eardrums and make children piss their pants.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Marc Okubo
Sam Applebaum
Brandon Butler
Dan Hauser
 Track Listing
1. 20/200
2. Divide Paths
3. Punisher
4. Winter is Coming Soon
5. The Glass Slide
6. Enter My Dreams
7. Numerical Scheme
8. Vicious Circles
9. Eclipse
10. With Passion and Power
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