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We Are Augustines - Book Of JamesWe Are Augustines - Chapel Song

We Are Augustines are currently gearing up to release their new single ‘Chapel Song’ which happens to be the bands first release since the release of their last single ‘Book Of James’ which happened to be quite an uplifting beautiful sounding song covering a real sad and depressing topic.

‘Chapel Song’ reminds me very much of The Maccabees with a nice electronic beat thrown in for good measures, the song is about the hassle of life and how things bad happen but you have to carry on and live for the lyrics have Billy McCarthy singing “Tear off the photograph because it’s a bright blue sky’ in such an emotional way.

The B-side ‘Ohio’ is quite nice on the ears, the song is very soft sounding with real basic and mellow guitar work going on whilst Billy McCarthy let’s his vocals flow ever so well.

At the moment We Are Augustines are sounding like a promising band and if they can manage to release an album with songs sounding as good and positive as their singles are then a bright future is ahead of them.


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We Are Augustines - Band
Billy McCarthy
Eric Sanderson
Rob Allen
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1. Chapel Song
2. Ohio
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