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The Vandels - Shingo Japanese Remix AlbumThe Vandals - Shingo Japanese Remix Album

Here we have The Vandals with Shingo Japanese Remix Album, which features remixes of eight songs from their "Internet Dating Superstuds" album and three songs from their "Hollywood Potato Chip" album. These have all been remixed by Shingo Asari; a japanese dance-punk mix master. The album is full of unique sounds, grooves and the remixes are like entirely new songs.

Opener track "How They Getcha" is full of rap style vocals and dj sounds. "" is a lot more slower than the original; it features a lot of cool grooves and sounds just as catchy.

The stand out track for me is number three; "Appreciate My Honesty", as Shingo Asari has done some good experimenting here. This track is filled with some fun jazz sounds making the song seem totally different from the orginal and turning it into a jazz/punk song. A great mixture.

As I have previously said, all the tracks are a lot different from the original; for example "The Unseen Tears Of The Albacore" was a straight forward sing-a-long song, but the remix version is full of crazy synth' chords, fast dance beats and backing vocals of "Shake it, shake your bum-bum". It's a completely unique song. "My Neck, My Back" now sounds like a fast japanese electro-synth' punk song and the album finisher "Lord Of The Dance" keeps the catchy features of the orginal; only with a more swinging sound to it. It is full of horns and features a Jamaican man talking over the tribal drum break before returning to the fast, memorable vocals. A great finish to the album.

I have never personally been a fan of remix albums as they're normally an easy way to cash in, but this album is different. It sounds like a whole new Vandals album with a great mixture of musical sounds and styles. Even if you own the two Vandals albums these remixes come, you should still get this album. You will be shocked and very impressed with how randomly great this album is.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
The Vandels - Band
Dave Quackenbush - (Vocals)
Warren Fitzgerald - (Guitar)
Joe Escalante - (Bass)
Josh Freese - (Drums)
 Track Listing
1. How They Getcha
2. 432101
3. Appreciate My Honesty
4. Be A Good Robot
5. Disproportioned Head
6. Little Weirdo
7. When I Say You I Mean Me
8. Unseen Tears Of The Albacore
9. I'm Becoming You
10. My Neck My Back
11. Lord Of The Dance
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