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People On Vacation - The Carry On EPPeople On Vacation – The Carry On EP

When Smile Smile were out on the road touring with Bowling For Soup, Ryan Hamilton singer and songwriter from the band started chatting to Jaret Reddick about writing some songs together and Jaret Reddick jumped at the chance and before you knew it they were both in Reddick’s studio and six songs were written in no time and People On Vacation were born.

The band’s debut EP ‘The Carry On EP’ is the result of the recording sessions from Reddick’s studio and it is safe to say that Ryan Hamilton and Jaret Reddick are a match made in heaven when it comes to creating music as their vocals work so well together with a mixture of sad vibes and happy moments.

The EP opens with ’Better Off Dead’ and the song is a killer track which opens up quite slow paced but when it hits the 23 second mark things become quite bouncy and happy sounding with both Reddick and Hamilton kicking out vocals seconds apart from each other, whilst playing some beautiful guitar riffs, vocally the chorus has a bit of a depressing feel with Hamilton singing “Im Better Off Dead”, but the upbeat guitar riffs throughout the chorus help five the song that odd happy but sad feeling.

‘It’s Not Love’ starts off with some whistling before going on a slow paced journey where Reddick and Hamilton strum their guitars softly whilst taking you on a near 3 minute long vocally mellow journey which is full of lots of “woaaaah ooaaahs” and whistling, but as the song get’s towards the last 30seconds everything gets a bit louder and slightly more upbeat as the song fully comes to life.

‘Rainy Day’ is one hell of a beautiful song which I am sure is more than enough to brighten up anyone’s day on a true rainy day. ‘Alone With You’ is a big song with plenty of groove where Reddick dominates the vocals with lyrics of “Let’s just get the fuck out of town, get us back to where we belong, get me the fuck out of here, I just want to be alone”. ‘Where Do We Go’ is a slow and soppy song which has Coldplay written all over it. ‘She Was The Only One ’closes the EP and also happens to be the most upbeat sing-a-long track on the EP.

Fans of both Bowling For Soup and Smile Smile are going to love People On Vacation and I am pretty sure that they would also appeal to many people that have never heard either band before as Reddick and Hamilton have managed to merge pop and indie together and come up with a great collection of songs that are more happy than sad.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jaret Reddick
Ryan Hamilton
 Track Listing
1. Better Off Dead
2. It's Not Love
3. Rainy Day
4. Alone With You
5. Where Do We Go
6. She Was The Only One
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