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Metallica - Beyond MagneticMetallica – Beyond Magnetic

Back in December Metallica celebrated 30 years as a band and as a thank you to their loyal fans they gave them a download code to download a track EP called ‘Beyond Magnetic’ which happens to be a collection of songs which were written and recorded during the ‘Death Magnetic’ sessions but did make it onto them album in the end.

Being a decent old skool heavy metal band Metallica have now decided to release ‘Beyond Magnetic’ as a physical CD EP release we which is a fantastic idea as most Metallica fans will be wanting to snap the EP up to add to their ever growing Metallica CD collection.

The tracks on ‘Beyond Magnetic’ sound exactly like the sound the band went for during the ‘Death Magnetic’ album and the EP opens with ‘Hate Train’ a song which opens with a massive Metallica style instrumental introduction before the unique and much loved vocals of frontman James Hetfield come in with “Ooooooooooh Hate is a train”, before the band continue to jam together with some heavy riffs, constant drumming and fast paced basslines, vocally the song goes through a slight melodic journey but it’s the chorus where Hetfield let’s off some steam.

‘Just A Bullet Away’ opens with a great collection of guitar riffs that feature enough bounce, speed and groove to please the biggest Metallica fan as the song progresses the guitar riffs go into a mad flurry of rhythm whilst Lars Ulrich bangs his drums giving off an tinny sound, after a good minute Hetfield comes in with a set of strong and catchy vocals as the song continues to progress past the 4 minute mark everything gets a big serious and slow paced on the instrumental side of things.

‘Hell And Back’ is a killer track which see’s Metallica go back to the sound they developed for ‘The Black Album’, the track is extremely catchy from Hetfields vocals all the way down to Lars Ulrich outstanding drum beats and within seconds you will find yourself chanting “Straight to hell and back” in time with the vocals of Hetfield.

‘Rebel Of Babylon’ finishes the EP and is also the longest track on the EP running for well over 8minutes, the song opens in quite a mellow way with more toned down near spoken word vocals whilst the guitars, bass and drums slowly up the pace before a massive riff picks things up and see’s the song take on a thick and exciting journey of instrumental madness where the whole of Metallica come together and knock out some fast and exciting instrumental work for the best part of 7 minutes.

Overall many people will see ‘Beyond Magnetic’ a saviour after the bands recent release with Lou Reed which ended up being a marmite type of album where many people hated it and only a few liked it, but in my eyes I believe that Metallica are one of the best heavy metal bands around and it is good to see that they have a creative side and are not afraid to do what other bands are afraid of, it does puzzle me why the tracks from ‘Beyond Magnetic’ never made it onto the ‘Death Magnetic’ album but then again there really was no room to fit another 30minutes of Metallica music onto an album which already ran for over an hour.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett
Robert Trujillo
 Track Listing
1. Hate Train
2. Just A Bullet Away
3. Hell And Back
4. Rebel Of Babylon
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