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Wayne Static - PighammerWayne Static – Pighammer

Mr Wayne Static announced at the end of 2009 that he would be taking time away from Static-X for the next couple years to focus on his first solo album “Pighammer”. Now it’s no big secret that I am a massive Static-Xfan but even I wasn’t a fan of their latest output “Cult of Static”, it just was nowhere near on par with their incredible earlier albums such as “Shadow Zone” and “Start a War”. I did have a strong feeling that simply because it was Wayne no matter what he did with this album it would still have links to Static-X due to his distinctive voice, I was right but not only that the music is also quite similar.

Don’t however take that to say that this won’t be a success, Static-X normally put an album out every couple of years and following that last album another one wouldn’t draw much of an interest, so drawing hype around this solo album was a good way of gaining some interest once again. Imagine a cross between the experimental styles within “Cannibal” and the heavy chaotic earlier material found in “Machine” and “Wisconsin Death Trip” and that appears to be the style Static intends on reviving.

“Around the Turn” is the perfect example, listen to that song and it’s near enough exactly like a track from “Cannibal” heavy and sampled giving an atmospheric sound. I think that’s what he’s trying to do with it, really explore what directions he can take his distinctive styles, because “The Creatures are Everywhere” is more of a sinister low tempo track and “She” sees the first time Wayne engages in spoken word verses.

I do heavily feel this was a tester album, to really see what’s working for future projects and releases, even so the release is still terrific due it its diversity and retro feel with modern twinges. If Static can ride this momentum wave, the next Static-X album and tour should be a huge success and if not we at least know he will still have an outlet with this project.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Wayne Static
 Track Listing
1. Pighammer
2. Around The Turn
3. Assassins of Youth
4. Thunder Invader
5. Static Killer
6. She
7. Get it Together
8. Chrome Nation
9. Shifter
10. Slave
11. The Creatures are Everywhere
12. Behind the Sky
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