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What The Night Brings - Bound By ApathyWhat The Night Brings – Bound By Apathy

When I first put on ‘Bound By Apathy’ from What The Night Brings I had no idea what to expect but seconds into the opening track ‘Barren’ I instantly knew that the next 18minutes were going to be full on in my ears noise and that was exactly what it was.

Fans of the hardcore scene are going to instantly lap up the opening track ‘Barren’ as it is hectic for pretty much 4 minutes and it does feature a wide variety of hectic instrumental work throughout and not to forget the ball breaking lead growls from front man Adrian.

‘Deus Ex-Machina’ is yet another beastly song and is going to see the pit kick off big time at the bands future shows as it is the perfect pit anthem with extremely chunky guitar riffs, machine gun style drumming and vocals so big strong and harsh that the massive mix of sounds will have you jumping from the floor to the ceiling and battling anything in your way with excitement.

‘The March That Makes A Man’ is another hard hitting song and my god instrumentally this song is something special but it is the machine gun style drumming which stand out the most and provide the biggest impact throughout the song, the breakdown towards the middle part of the song is well arranged and the group growls are also a welcome addition.

The EP closes with ‘Front Towards Enemy’ and it starts off in the same fashion as all the other songs on the EP with a massive hard hitting sound but as the song progresses we get introduced to some slow break downs before things pick up again for a good minute of final grows and instrumental abuse.

Overall What The Night Brings sound like the bastard love child of Protest The Hero and the Architects as the band are influenced by both bands and it is clearly noticed within their music, if you are a lover of the hardcore scene or have heard the debut release from these guys then this will defiantly be for you , if on the other hand you are not a big hardcore fan and have never heard of these guys give the opening track ‘Barren’ a listen and your mind will be made up on these guys instantly.


Review by Trigger

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1. Barren
2. Deus Ex-Machina
3 . The March That Makes A Man
4. Front Towards Enemy
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