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Nickelback - Here and NowNickelback – Here and Now

One of the most commercially successful Canadian rock bands have returned with their 7th studio album promising to recapture the in their words “organic” musical style from their past. Having reached the peak of their success with 2005’s “All The Right Reasons”, Nickelback have captured the hearts of millions worldwide with their irresistibly catchy singles and feel good themes. In my view all of their albums are quite simply brilliant with the last 3 taking up large sections of time in my life.

The first time I heard the opening track “This Means War”, I was quite unsure as to what I thought of it. On one had that was the distinctive Nickelback tone, a tasty riff with Chad Kroeger’s distinctive vocals present, everything you’d expect from one of their tracks but I just didn’t feel that instant hit feeling. When you listen to songs from the last 3 albums for the first time you knew right then that they were destined to become instant classics, with that first track however I wasn’t sure. Salvation fortunately came immediately after in the form of “Bottoms Up”; bouncy beat, infectious chorus and a nice little guitar solo, now I’ve felt the surreal feeling.

As you breeze through the record, you begin to realise that much like every other album they have, there is a vast range of different songs to suit the broad range of fans that they have. There are really heavy songs like “Midnight Queen” and “Kiss It Goodbye” alongside beautifully crafted ballads like “Lullaby” and “Trying Not To Love You” everything in between. This is a release where I actually enjoy every song which not even “All The Right Reasons” managed to do for me, seeing as that’s arguably the best Nickelback album this can officially be called a success in comparison.

Having rated all the songs and stated all my opinions about how good the album is, I have to say that it’s still not my favourite Nickelback album. Whilst every song on it gave me hours of enjoyment I still think “All The Right Reasons” is the best; “Dark Horse” had that dark vibe and was pretty good as well in a different way, but as a return to their former selves all this can be dubbed as is a bloody good start.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Chad Kroeger
Ryan Peake
Mike Kroeger
Daniel Adair
 Track Listing
1. This means War
2. Bottoms Up
3. When We Stand Together
4. Midnight Queen
5. Gotta Get Me Some
6. Lullaby
7. Kiss it Goodbye
8. Trying Not To Love You
9. Holding On To Heaven
10. Everything I Wanna Do
11. Don’t Ever Let It End
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