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Lamb of God - ResolutionLamb of God – Resolution

Virginia’s finest export, metal heroes Lamb of God are back in time to kick of 2012 with their 7th full length studio album. Leaders of the New Wave of American Heavy Metal movement and leaders of the damn metal genre in general, the band have found huge success from their extremely captivating guitar work, astonishing drummer, Randy Blythe’s distinctive ear shattering vocals and powerful lyrics; all of this has made them one of the most well known and most loved metal bands in the world. Their music is a display sheer aggression with lyrics that speak to and stick with the fans; because of the reaction they provoke their live show is one of the most dangerous places a person could ever be.

With 6 extremely successful albums already under their belt the latest of which being 2009’s “Wrath” - which broke through speakers at an ungodly pace technical skill and hostility - was still the same true to form style that was present even on the band’s first album (as Lamb of God anyway)“New American Gospel”; as they say “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” and I’m extremely damn pleased to tell all of you that this “Resolution” can brandish the same slogan. That’s not to say there is no progression or experimentation present because there’s some pretty great additions here but the foundations are still exactly the same; impressive riffs, aggressive beat and vocals demonic enough to make any religious follower wet their underpants.

I think the best place to start will be looking at the 2 singles first, starting with “Ghost Walking” which was released on the 5th December 2011. Opening with an acoustic intro may bewilder a few people at first, but let it roll on and you’ll see it’s got a really southern rock feel and is still really quick, it soon rolls off into that trademark style we all know and love, when it drops I challenge anyone not to bang their heads with that continuing southern metal riff. “Desolation” they actually only released today on the day I’ve received the full album, not quite as brilliant as “Ghost Walking” but it’s still something you could definitely break people in half to due to its speed and intensity.

The rest of the tracks are now locked in a battle to see if they can stand their ground alongside those singles and also the bands past albums; “The Number Six” and “Insurrection” have their own unique quality to aid them in the battle, they’re 2 of the most sinister LOG tracks I’ve ever heard. “Insurrection” has truly haunting clean vocals in it and an eerie down tempo backing accompanying the speed and aggression giving it extra depth. “The Number Six” as well has that creepy southern vibe as well and with all the “You’ve Dug Your Own Grave” chants you’ve got a future show stealer here. These new additions are spaced out along the album, the more southern metal influence alongside the eerie atmospheric inclusions are present in nearly every track and it sets them apart; “To The End” has bounce, “King Me” is deadly sinister and “Invictus” has a lot of twangy breakdowns.

All I have left to say is once again Lamb of God have asserted their dominance in the metal community, this album is definitely going to be a tough one to beat in 2012 and it’s only bloody January! Every album has managed to be exactly the same yet completely different in terms of their style; by which I mean they’re all still the same musical style but every album has certain elements that give them such a different feel to the next. I think they’ve struck my favourite with “Resolution”, it’s simply brilliant and that’s all there is to it, UK tour please!


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

John Campbell
Mark Morton
Chris Adler
Randy Blythe
Willie Adler
 Track Listing
1. Straight for the Sun
2. Desolation
3. Ghost Walking
4. Guilty
5. The Undertow
6. The Number Six
7. Barbarosa
8. Invictus
9. Cheated
10. Insurrection
11. Terminally Unique
12. To The End
13. Visitation
14. King Me
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