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You Me At Six - Sinners Never SleepYou Me At Six – Sinners Never Sleep

You Me At Six exploded onto the pop-punk scene back in 2008 with their debut album ‘Take Off Your Colours’ and from that moment they have gone from strength to strength and seen their fan base rise massively over the years, in 2010 they went on to release their second album ‘Hold Me Down’ which saw the band ditch most of their pop-punk roots and take on a more mature rocking sound and now the band are back with their third studio album ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ which happens to be their most experimental work so far.

‘Sinners Never Sleep’ is an album that is either going to make or break You Me At Six and looking at the fact that the album reached number 3 in the official UK album chart it is safe to say that the album has helped to push the band further into the mainstream and it is so easy to see why as You Me At Six have simply rebranded themselves as a straight up rock band and come back with a new mature look and a bigger mature sound.

The album opens with the main single release ‘Loverboy’ which happens to be the poppiest moment on the album, it’s extremely catchy and has one of the most infectious choruses that I have heard in a while and it is guaranteed that within seconds you will find yourself tapping your feet and humming along until you pick up on the lyrics.

‘Jaws On The Floor’ is quite an rock and roll anthem which has Josh Franceschi running the show with his loud and clear vocals, the song has the kind of vibe that makes you want to be at one of the major summer festivals stood in a field singing-a-long whilst drinking a cold pint of beer.

‘Bite My Tongue’ is a very interesting track and see’s You Me At Six team up with Bring Me The Horizons Oli Skyes and it is clear to say that it is one of the rockiest and edgy songs that the band have ever written and the inclusion of Oli Skyes is a bit too little too late in my opinion but he does ass dynamics to the song and really does add to the aggression that You Me At Six would not be able to capture alone.

‘This Is The First Thing’ see’s You Me At Six go a little bit stripped back and takes you on a soppy sounding journey where everything is executed in such a mellow way apart from the chorus which sees Franceschi sing that little bit louder and stronger.

As the album progresses it goes through many different ups and downs in the way that one song will be quite laid back in mellow and then the next will be quite upbeat but lacking the poppyness of their debut material, for example ‘No One Does It Better’ is extremely laid back, whilst ‘Little Death’ starts off laid back but features a massive sing-a-long chorus of “We are not your lovers, we are not your friends”, whilst ‘The Dilemma’ picks up the pace and the album closer ‘When We Were Younger’ see’s the band go out full of emotion on such an experimental track.

Overall ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ is a bit of a mixed album which seems like You Me At Six are slightly stuck in which direction they want to head in as a band but you really do have to hand it to them as when they started out they had a lot of haters who have now been converted to You Me At Six fans and there new found mixed sound has clearly paid off in ‘Sinners Never Sleep’.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Josh Franceschi
Max Helyer
Chris Miller
Matt Barnes
Dan Flint
 Track Listing
1. Loverboy
2. Jaws On The Floor
3. Bite My Tongue
4. This Is The First Thing
5. No One Does It Better
6. Little Death
7. Crash
8. Reckless
9. Time Is Money
10. Little Bit Of Truth
11. The Dilemma
12. When We Were Younger
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