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Little Roy - LithiumLittle Roy – Lithium

Recently Little Roy has been getting a lot of praise especially since his appearance on the Jools Holland show back in October where he played his covers of the Nirvana classics ‘Lithium’ and ‘Heart-Shaped Box’, with even Noel Gallagher jumping on the Little Roy band wagon claiming that his latest album is the greatest thing he has ever heard and it is safe to say when you get praise from one of the Gallagher brothers then it has to be special as it is very rare for positive things to come out of their mouths.

Little Roy has recently released ‘Battle For Seattle’ which happens to be an Nirvana covers album which features 10 tracks but played in Little Roy’s legendary reggae style, the first single to be released from the album is ‘Lithium’ and oddly the reggae infused cover really works and Little Roy manages to bring this quite hard hitting depressing sounding Nirvana song out in full life with a massive ray of positive sunshine and I am sure it will have you skanking around your living room in no time.

Overall Little Roy is onto a winner with his cover of ‘Lithium’ and quite possible with the whole of his ‘Battle For Seattle’ album as people who have never gave Nirvana the time of day may well understand that Nirvana have penned some great songs and Cobain was a genius when it comes to writing lyrics, whilst hardcore Nirvana fans will equally be as curious to see what Little Roy has done with their favourite songs.


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