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Lou Reed And Metallica - LuluLou Reed And Metallica - Lulu

When Lou Reed and Metallica announced that they were working together on an album there was a mixed reaction from fans of both artists but at the same time Metallica fans were happy at the prospect of hearing new Metallica material a lot sooner than anticipated.

So ‘Lulu’ is an album that has been in the works for a while and is based around two plays originally written by the German playwright Frank Wedekind, the album runs for over 90 minutes and spans two CD’s with 6tracks gracing the first CD and 4 gracing the second, musically the instrumental work has been fully composed by Metallica and features some legendary moments which Metallica fans will love whilst vocally Lou Reed takes the lead vocals and mostly covers them in a spoken word way which will not please most Metallica fans but the saving grace for them is the moments where James Hetfield comes in with backing vocals but sadly this doesn’t happen often enough.

The album opens with ‘Brandenburg Gate’ which starts off with some acoustic arrangements and moments later Lou Reed comes in with his spoken word vocals of “I would cut my legs and tits off When I think of Boris Karloff and Kinski In the dark of the moon”, as the song progresses further Lou Reed takes you on a further crazy adventure with his Social Distortion-esque vocals whilst James Hetfield blurts out “Small Town Girl” every 20seconds and this is how the song runs for the next 4minutes but surprisingly it works quite well.

‘The View’ is an very interesting song it opens with some slow paced guitar riffs whilst Reed takes you on a poetic journey with his mono-tone vocals, everything sounds very samey for the first couple of minutes but things soon get exciting when James Hetfield comes in with some much needed lively vocals with lyrics of “I am the root, I am the progress, I’m the aggressor, I am the tablet, These ten Stories” and from this moment this is the formula of the song Reed will share his spoken word vocals and then a minute later Hetfield will repeat the same vocals over and over with his vocals becoming more powerful and aggressive towards the climax of the song, whilst the rest of Metallica club together for some tasty fast paced instrumental work.

‘Pumpin Blood’ opens with some true Metallica style riffs and drum beats but as soon as Reed’s vocals come in here the song goes downhill because it’s just to laid back with the instrumental work even grounding to a halt a couple of time throughout the song, the only saving grace is when Lars Ulrich gets going with his drumming as he really makes a positive impact here.

I have to say that ‘Lulu’ is one of the hardest albums I have ever found myself listening to and it is for a number of reasons first of all Metallica and Lou Reed really are an odd combination and it shows even more as the album progresses , secondly the vocals of Lou Reed are to laid back for my liking and gives the album a big easy listening vibe that’s not actually that easy to listen to and lastly the fact that the album runs for over 90 minutes with the closing track ‘Junior Dad’ running for a mammoth 19minutes just makes everything that little bit harder to take in as with this big mix ‘Lulu’ is a gruelling album to get through.

Metallica claim that ‘Lulu’ is one of the most exciting things they have ever worked on whilst most Metallica fans wished that ‘Lulu’ never happened and that Metallica worked on a new studio album instead, but in all honestly ‘Lulu’ is not as bad as some make it out to be, as there are some really good moments such as the extremely creative and controversial lyrics, the classic Metallica guitar riffs, basslines and drum beats and not to forget the classic strong sounding vocals from James Hetfield but the big downside is that these positive points are all totally outweighed by the fact that Metallica and Lou Reed do not go together and ‘Lulu’ should be a lesson learned for both artists.


Review by Trigger
 Band Members
Lou Reed And Metallica - Band
Lou Reed
James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett
Robert Trujillo
 Track Listing
Disc 1
1. Brandenburg Gate
2. The View
3. Pumping Blood
4. Mistress Dread
5. Iced Honey
6. Cheat On Me

Disc 2
7. Frustration
8. Little Dog
9. Dragon
10. Junior Dad

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