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Wednesday 13 - Calling All CorpsesWednesday 13 – Calling All Corpses

Horror punk veteran Wednesday 13 and his creatures of the night have returned with their 4th full length studio album entitled “Calling All Corpses”. The appeal to Wednesday’s music is that it’s fun, by which I mean that the lyrics are quite cheesy in regards to all things dark and horror related but also extremely catchy. The music as well is actually quite brilliant, whilst it has slightly differed in approach with each album the main focaus has always been the same. With 3 extremely successful albums already under his belt with classics like “Till Death Do Us Part”, “Too Much Blood” and “I Walked With a Zombie” can he keep the momentum going with a 4th release?

Album opener “I Wanna Be Cremated” is a strong start because already we are shown that this follows on with the same distinctive edge Wednesday has always embraced; catchy vocals, infections lyrics and an overwhelming need to dance. When the following track rolls on it makes that previous song seem like a baby, in comparison anyway because “Ghoul of my Dreams” is brilliant, an absolute monster of a track due to the sheer fact it’s eerie and sinister but with a dirty rock accompanying riff. I’m starting to notice though that the music is more on the dirty rock side of the spectrum and is much lighter than past releases, is this maybe due to the reformation of Murderdolls?

Regardless of choosing a slightly lighter edge, “One Knife Stand” is brilliant; it takes the corny lyrics to the extreme with a weirdly upbeat backing. That along with “Calling All Corpses” never cease to make me giggle. I think the lighter edge is good but it’s just lost the ominous style that was present on “Transylvania 90210”, however “London After Midnight” is a defender of the style, it’s a bit heavier and not full on like that album was but it’s halfway there.

As much as I’ve enjoyed listening to this, I do feel like Wednesday is a shadow of his former self. I think the fact his shows have been getting smaller and smaller with the fact that Murderdolls just had a very successful stint have provoked this change of pace. Whereas progression and experimentation is not always a bad thing and this is a very enjoyable album, I just feel if Wednesday would go back to his roots his style would be a lot more interesting.


Review by James Webb
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 Track Listing
1. Blood Fades to Black
2. I wanna Be Cremated
3. Ghoul of my Dreams
4. One Knife Stand
5. Calling All Corpses
6. Miss Morgue
7. Silver Bullets
8. Bad At Being Human
9. London After Midnight
10. Candle For The Devil
11. We All Die
12. Something Wicked This Way Comes
13. Blood Fades To Black (Reprise)
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