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New Found Glory - RadiosurgeryNew Found Glory – Radiosurgery

New Found Glory have been going for 14 years now and in that time they have released 7 studio albums with their latest album ‘Radiosurgery’ only being released a week ago, and over the years and albums New Found Glory have always maintained their catchy pop-punk edge but have also had some extremely serious moments which are best found throughout their last couple of albums ‘Coming Home’ and ‘Not Without A Fight’ but for ‘Radiosurgery’ the serious moments have been thrown straight out of the window and New Found Glory have gone back to their roots but this time around are seeing it through with a 21st century vibe.

‘Radiosurgery’ is an perfect pop-punk by numbers record, it has that classic New Found Glory vibe and songs such as the title track ‘Radiosurgery’, ‘I’m Not The One’ and ‘Ready Aim Fire!’ fly through at such an positive and catchy pace that you will find yourself wanting to listen to them a couple of times over before resuming with the rest of the album as they have the same feel on you as the first time you heard ‘Hit Or Miss’ or ‘Head On Collision’ all those years ago.

Throughout the 11 tracks which run for a combined total of 30minutes you will not find a dull moment as New Found Glory have gone for a solid pop-punk album that does not give up until the final beats of the album closer ‘Map Your body’.

Moments like ‘Dumped’ and ‘Summer fling Don’t Mean A Thing’ are going to have New Found Glory’s legion of fans singing along word for word with a breath of fresh air that have more fantastic tracks to memorize and experience on the live circuit.

The one thing I have never understood is how New Found Glory are so under rated as they should of hit the dizzy heights of bands such as Green Day, Blink 182 and Paramore many years ago but they are still sailing through playing the Academy sized venues to sold out crowds like they have been doing for the past 5 years now but in reality New Found Glory are the full package they are 5 friendly guys playing music that they love to people who love them, they have a killer back catalogue and clearly know how to put on an breathtaking memorable show yet there fan base never seems to increase.

‘Radiosurgery’ is not going to cure the above situation but it is going to please die hard New Found Glory fans, it may not be their strongest album but it is a big fun pop-punk album that will keep you happy until these guys come back with their 8th album a few years down the line.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Jordan Pundik
Chad Gilbert
Steve Klein
Ian Grushka
Cyrus Bolooki
 Track Listing
1. Radiosurgery
2. Anthem For The Unwanted
3. Drill It In My Brain
4. I'm Not The One
5. Ready, Aim, Fire!
6. Dumped
7. Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing
8. Caught In The Act
9. Memories And Battle Scars
10. Trainwreck
11. Map Of Your Body
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