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Max Raptor - The King Is DeadMax Raptor – The King Is Dead

Max Raptor are getting a lot of praise at the moment and it is easy to see why as they totally ruled the airwaves with their fast paced mosh pit anthem ‘Ghosts’ and their mini album ‘Portraits’ and it seems that their latest single ‘The King Is Dead’ is going to cause even more hype for the band as it is one ballsy effort.

‘The King Is Dead’ opens with a stomping bassline and moments later the guitars come in super charged along with the fast paced vocals from J.B Wilcox and as the song progresses it gets heavier with guitar riffs coming and going with an almighty thump.

If you are yet to hear the band’s debut mini album ‘Portraits’ then I suggest that you check it out, if you like ‘The King Is Dead’ then you will love the album as it is one mosh pit hungry album from a promising British band.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

JB Willcox
Matt Stevenson
Wil Ray
Tom Garrett
 Track Listing
1. The King is Dead
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