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Maylene And The Sons Of Disastor - IVMaylene And The Sons Of Disastor - IV

Southern riffsters Maylene and the Sons of Disaster emerged back in 2004 with an extremely gritty and heavy as fuck sound; with a dozen line up changes over the years, this latest version of the band have matured musically to produce “IV”, possibly the bands most dynamic and sleek release to date. It’s not a complete shock that this album’s sound has come about as previous album “III” was definitely the start of something beautiful.

“III” saw the band toning back on the crunchy distortion and screaming vocals that both “Maylene and the Sons of Disaster” and “II” embraced and instead opted for a more distinguished bassier sound. “IV” takes this and one ups it in every possible way; the range of different material is increased to an all time high, the guitar work suits the southern riffs more than ever and vocalist Dallas Taylor explores the limits of his vocals with huge success.

Album opener “In Dead We Dream” throws you straight into the storm of catchy riffs and impressive vocal lines whilst second track “Save Me” shows a whole new side to the band, it’s ridiculously melodic and somehow manages to integrate the really soft sections with their riffy brilliance, just listen to Dallas’s voice on this track its amazing. Not only do they slightly tone back on some of the material, on “Come For You” they explore that melodic soft side that they’ve obviously been hiding away somewhere because this is phenomenal, what a beautiful voice.

The very fact they keep that southern vibe and throw it down on every track regardless of the style keeps it fresh and original. There aren’t really many songs that are on par with how heavy the band used to be but there are tracks that have certain sections that are quite damn heavy; “Never Enough”, “Fate Games” and “Open Your Eyes” are all pro-headbanging songs.

I do thoroughly hope that this band will finally get British recognition for this albums, hopefully it may encourage the band to finally come back over here and bring that crazy live show with them. Personally this album is my favourite of all 4 of the bands albums and marks a real turning point in their career.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Dallas Taylor
Chad Huff
Josh Butler
Jake Duncan
Brad Lehmann
 Track Listing
1. In Dead We Dream
2. Save Me
3. Faith Healer (Bring Me Down)
4. Open Your Eyes
5. Killing Me Slow
6. Taking On Water
7. Fate Games
8. Come For You
9. Never Enough
10. Cat’s Walk
11. Drought of ‘85
12. Off to the Laughing Place
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