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No Americana - Declaration of IndependenceNo Americana – Declaration of Independence

Punk music has been taking a bit of a hit recently as few new bands seem to be emerging and ones that are opt for the more upbeat punchy punk rock style as opposed to the good old fashioned chaos that was the punk genre. No Americana strike with their debut EP, having been online been heavily compared to The Wildhearts I was eager to whack this thing on and see what the fuss was about.

Now don’t get the wrong idea here, No Americana aren’t an abusive and chaotic punk band but they aren’t going to be placed in with latest the “Pop Punk” artists, I’m not talking about bands like Sum 41 or Blink 182 who I actually like, I’m talking more You Me At Six and whatever other rubbish is running on Kerrang today. What we have here is some good old fashioned alternative rock with a heavy punk vibe; harmonised vocals, chaotic crunchy guitars, catchy chorus lines and gang vocals throughout the EP make for a good listen amongst the dribble that comes from the radio these days.

“Method in my Madness” gives of an entwining of Foo Fighters andThe Wildhearts which in my opinion which is truly amazing, hardly a better combination of styles out there. “Never Again” and to be honest all of the tracks have that same style; it’s not really as aggressive as The Wildhearts but you can definitely their trademark style in there, the catchy style influence from the Foo Fighters over the top of that mainly with the vocals, best way I can describe it. The whole thing is mellow yet chaotic, it’s very conflicting but that factor is what I think gives a band the edge, you could easily kick back and chill singing along or you could get up and go crazy to it, best song for that would be “Bringin’ Me Down”.

After listening to the whole thing a few times I find myself singing along and tapping my feet along to the songs, beautifully written music here and I feel because they’re like perfectly in the middle of the genres that they’ll actually get some recognition for their sound in a variety of different groups of fans. Having just found out the band are located in Birmingham which is up the road from me I’ll definitely be checking them out so watch this space and I’ll soon tell you if their performing talents live up to that of their terrific writing style.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

David James Foster
Adam Beddow
Jamie C. Weate
Daniel Taylor
 Track Listing
1. Never Say Never
2. Method in my Madness
3. Wax Poetic
4. The Silence of Seduction
5. Sing for a Winner
6. Bringin’ Me Down
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