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This Scottish 5 piece are looking to revive the metalcore craze with their brand new EP. Metalcore is a hard genre to break into now that the hype and popularity is effectively depleted compared to what it once was; even the few bands that manage to make it, the competition within this genre is fierce with bands like Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, Atreyu, As I Lay Dying and thousands more dominating the scene.

The band take elements from the increasingly popular hardcore style of music and integrate them to add a little bit of an extra something to their sound; very subtle inclusion that doesn’t completely take everything else away from the style they wrote the majority of the music in, just added some bouncy beats and brutal breakdowns. “The Odyssey” has a rather dramatic feel given off from the melodic guitar tones clashing with the aggressive edge from the vocals, this track is the track from the EP with the biggest link to the hardcore influence but when the clean vocals come in the vibe changes to a rather calming one.

“Stories” starts off in exactly the same way to the first track but I feel the chorus’s are catchier as well as the fact it’s got a lot more interesting guitar work dotted around. The only real critique I’ve got for this track is when the clean vocals and growls overlap that they don’t really have the desired complimentary effect that I think the band were aiming for. The ending is really calm and spills off into the final track “All The Hours” which is much riffier than the other 2 songs and has a lot of the aggression over melody effect that “The Odyssey” incorporates, “All The Hours” however pulls it off in a more obvious way as opposed to the ominous style in which “The Odyssey” used it.

With a debut album currently in the works, I feel that there are great heights set for Mind Set a Threat within the near future. One can only hope that the band doesn’t start thinking about adapting their sound to fit in with a lot of the local British deathcore scene simply to think they can pull more fans over because they could lose a fair few, we’ll just have to wait and see.


Review by James Webb

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Gary A
 Track Listing
1. The Odyssey
2. Stories
3. All The Hours
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