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Mojokings - Whatever Happened To Rock N RollMojokings - Whatever Happened To Rock N Roll

Rockabilly, Psychobilly, and Classic Rock are all genres that come with a long list of derogatory adjectives these days, amongst them; cheesy, sleazy, and un-credible, they are styles that went out of fashion around the turn of the century and got replaced with ‘quirky’ fashionista labels like Art-Rock, and the dirge of all our souls, Indie-Rock. Mojokings then are the brave, not so new, group on the scene harking back to the more fun and much less cerebral days of yore.

On their second album ‘Whatever Happened To Rock ‘N’ Roll??’ the London based trio debunk the myth that traditional Rock ‘n’ Roll is cheap and fast; the opening eponymous track thrusts you straight in with ripping riffs and excited boozy vocals. If you were ever in doubt that you could enjoy music aimed straight at the body and not the brain then instrumental number ‘Chet Head’ with its fusion of jazz and blues will force you revaluate.

Lyrics that reference seeing people naked, stealing, and being red blooded not only make this primal, instinctual and a little sexual, but it also makes Mojokings one of the coolest bands you will ever hear. That content comes only from their original material, but with two covers on the album of ‘Teenage Kicks’ and ‘Paint It Black’ respectively; you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the groups flamenco twist on the Stones classic. This is what you might deem artistic interpretation.

In an attempt to capture the raw, live sound of the Mojokings the record has settled itself in with low-production which can often sound great, but a bad that heavily relies on classic rock would benefit greatly from a glossy finish. Bar band is what springs to mind, the covers, which are brilliant, are covers nonetheless and don’t exactly help the situation. As a small band you have to learn to cope with this flaw and providing some of that aforementioned sleaze a flaw is exactly what it is. It all comes off a bit amateur when in reality these guys are precise and clearly enamoured with what they do.

Mojokings are packed with roaring accessible fun that works those tiny toe muscles and it’s this ease that makes them loveable and more importantly forgivable, who cares if you won’t be listening to this in twenty years it’s great right now. Living in the moment then is embraced on this record, yet somehow they do that with a fusion of every genre from the past, perhaps a sign of our cyclical music culture, but who knows ‘You’re A Long Time Dead’ is an amalgamation of country rhythms and a voice that sounds somewhat like a human didgeridoo which should always be taken as a pleasant surprise in any situation.

Bookended well by a speech about rock-music the songs are integrated in a fashion superior to rest of the album and the opening moments make ‘Attack Attack’ the song it is resulting in one of the finest on the album. It’s stylish, competent, and almost addictive; this is a record that fans of old music, new music, or fun should listen to. So it’s trivial, and all slightly meaningless the Mojokings show us that there aint nothing wrong with easy listening.


Review by Lauren Mullineaux

 Band Members

Paul Scoulding
Richard Scoulding
Olly Simmonds
 Track Listing
1. Whatever Happened To Rock 'n Roll
2. Hurricane
3. Chet Head
4. I'd Like To See You Naked
5. Dirty Robber (sonics)
6. I'm A Read Blooded Boy
7. Teenage Kicks (undertones)
8. You're A Long Time Dead
9. Chick Berry
10. I Don't Think I Like You Anymore
11. Another Attack
12. Paint It Black (rolling Stones)
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