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The Junk - Problem Reaction SolutionThe Junk – Problem Reaction Solution

“Problem.Reaction. Solution” is the debut album from Brighton eight piece The Junk. Showing their DIY ethics and love of the Skacore scene the album recorded byCapdown producer Dave Chang proves that Ska is long from gone.

As you might expect from the title and their influences this is a record unafraid of tackling the political issues of our day and song three ‘Nick Griffin is a Cunt’ is straight in there. The lyrics are similarly in your face with a typical line sounding like a manifesto for future generations “wake up smell that shit you’re shovelling these days.” While near enough every lyric spat out of lead singer Jake’s mouth is a statement that fans will be able to scream back red faced and full of heart and parents will despise as their children turn to anarchy the real triumph of The Junk is musically.

All 14 songs on this album are classic Ska anthems bursting with potential, apart from opening track ‘I.V.B.K’ which is a little too close to a certain Papa Roach smash-hit for comfort. The bands timing is impeccable knowing exactly when to blow and trumpet and when to strum a guitar that will make it impossible for you not to start pogoing like it’s the early 90’s. Their structure of a simple skanky Ska beat mixed with downtunedhardcore guitars and raw unproduced vocals provides you with three minute bursts of utterly infectious energy.

The skill of renowned producer Dave Chang allows the live atmosphere that is so associated with the scene to seep through onto record giving the album an injection of charisma, however being the go to go for the genre Chang has also produced an album with a particular sound that is perhaps now too familiar to be unique. Chunks of this record are generic Ska, but when they experiment with what a Ska track can do we see something more. The Junk have these extra qualities infusing their music with other genres; on ‘Left For Dead’ and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ the trumpets and sax are clearly inspired by Jazz and ‘Floor’ is a classy 30 second piano interlude that should probably feel out of place, but doesn’t. ‘Sleepy Panda Wobble Time’ is a sharp punchy song with a memorable chorus and snappy brass section that will make you envious of somebody’s lungs.

It might be a more underground movement these days, but it’s bubbling up once more and if you’re a fan of traditional Ska then check out The Junk and hear what just might be the future of the genre.


Review by Lauren Mullineaux
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 Track Listing
1. I.V.B.K.
2. Eyes Wide Open
3. Nick Griffin is a Cnut
4. Floor
5. Left For Dead
6. D.T.S.F.C.
7. Rise and Shine
8. Sally
9. Sleepy Panda Wobble Time
10. Politics with Nightsticks Pt. 1
11. Politics with Nightsticks Pt. 2
12. Devil in a Sunday Suit
13. Scream Your Dreams
14. No Regrets
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