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Mojo Fury - Visiting Hours of a Travelling CircusMojo Fury – Visiting Hours of a Travelling Circus

This debut album from Irish alternative rockers Mojo Fury is a very interesting listen. The type of music we have here is a strange twist on a modern alternative rock sound, not by any means the most original material you’ll hear this year but very bouncy and fun. They explore a wide aspect of their sound and some of the material can be extremely annoyed especially some of the vocals.

Some of the best tracks from the record include the very electronic “We Should Just Run Away”, dirty rock song “Kill Cock Robin” and funky track “Colour of the Bear” because they consist of elements that work and aren’t overused which can become repetitive. That fact keeps these strong compositions standing alone, however in “We should just run away” there is something familiar sounding about that track...

Now then that’s the good part here’s what I don’t like; the song “What a Secret” physically gets on my nerves with those vocals, on other songs you don’t notice it because there’s so much going on but in this there isn’t much to disguise it and it really gets annoying after a couple choruses. “Electric Sea” for the most part barely contains any music and just singing or silence which would work if the singer was really amazing but like I’ve already expressed I am not keen on his voice. Finally the song “Pill Pigeon is an Orange Wheel” is far too repetitive for me and doesn’t really excite me with any aspect of its writing.

The fact of the matter is that whilst they may be new and different the way in which they currently seem to be putting their material together seems to be at the moment a bit primitive. What I mostly mean is they add certain things to their sound that don’t fit and normally a musician would adapt it too fit but what I’m hearing is them just putting it out anyway. I think if they really spent time and listened to it they could probably get something much better done but we’ll see where the future leads them.


Review by James Webb

 Band Members

Michael Mormecha
James Lyttle
Ciaran McGreevy
 Track Listing
1. The Mann
2. Bones
3. Colour of the Bear
4. Deep Fish Tank (Factory Settings)
5. We Should Just Run Away
6. Pill Pigeon is an Orange Wheel
7. What a Secret
8. Lemon Marine
9. Kill Cock Robin
10. Electric Sea
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