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The Living Daylights-What Keeps You BreathingThe Living Daylights-What Keeps You Breathing

Lincoln quartet The Living Daylights hit your speakers hard after a tough sixth months, which saw them part ways with their singer and bassist, returning with their super positive sophomore album What Keeps You Breathing.

This record is a simple affair where everything from production to playing is done well and to the best of the bands ability; which is above average for a punk band, especially one from little old England. The sound is tight and clean in that head nodding, leg shaking way any music fan is familiar with. The vocals from new front man Danny Harrison are strong, confident, and accented. Now there is nothing worse than a guy singing in a faux American accent and Harrison does slip in and out of that trap, but as is the case on title track ‘What keeps You Breathing’ the sheer rawness of his authentic British vocal “its been a while” intercut with the melody of American pop-punk steers it away from dangerous territory.

In reality this is a pretty standard pop-punk record and yet it’s hard to say who The Living Daylights sound like, they aren’t quite punk enough to be lumped in with Rise Against or NOFX, but they aren’t pop enough to be Blink 182 either. What we’re left with then is straight up punk minus the anger that’s usually associated with that scene; it’s bold, easy, and fun, the kind of music that puts a smile on your face and a beer in your hand and that’s just the last guitar hook on final track ‘Beyond This Town’.

The Living Daylights start things full on with the poignant lyric “we’ve bowed our heads for too long” and from the moment that kick-drum starts you’re off on the rollercoaster of small town life, “the days and weeks just turn to debris in this place,” that is filled with infectious choruses, riffs, and anything else you can catch.

Nothing about this album breaks new ground and lyrics like “keep cutting against the grain” are now stereotypical punk-rock staples, it’s hard to imagine a time when that was original, but it doesn’t really matter that you’ve heard it before because it works. What Keeps You Breathing is a strong second album from a perfectly decent punk band.


Review by Lauren Mullineaux

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 Track Listing
1. It Starts in Our Heads
2. Maybe Escapes
3. The Recovery
4. These Roads
5. Sedative
6. A Thousand Lights
7. Our Yesterdays
8. Sights and Sounds
9. Shaken By the Chill
10. What Keeps You Breathing
11. Beyond This Town
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