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Mayday Parade - The SilenceMayday Parade – The Silence

Mayday Parade have spent a lot of time on the road in the past year with many trips over the pond to the UK and they are coming back once again towards the middle of May for a tour which last for a good two weeks which includes many headline shows and also appearances at the Slamdunk festival in London and Leeds and to coincide with this they are releasing their new single ‘The Silence’.

‘The Silence’ is a really impressive poppy-punk song, it has a really serious feel about it but flows at a really nice upbeat pace with extremely catchy vocal elements, the instrumental work is well executed especially some of the riffs which have a chunky kick about them in places.

Mayday Parade are one of the lesser known pop-punk bands on the scene but they are starting to get the recognition that they deserve and after listening to ‘The Silence’ it is clear to see why as it really does ooze in style and perfection.

Do yourself a favour and make sure you check these guys out when they head back over to the UK in a couple of weeks time.


Review by Trigger

 Band Members

Derek Sanders
Jeremy Lenzo
Alex Garcia
Brooks Betts
Jake Bundrick
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1. The Silence
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